I am sure you must be aware of the importance and significance of SEO. But do you know Breadcrumbs? Many people are not aware of it. Now you must be wondering what is this Breadcrumbs and how are they important for a website. In this article I am going to discuss about all that you need to know about Breadcrumbs SEO.

Let’s jump right in

What is Breadcrumbs?

Breadcrumbs are a navigational feature on a website which causes a huge impact on SEO. These are links placed on website that helps users to track their location on a website and how far they are from the home page.

They can be found at the top of the site or beneath the navigation bar. They also perform the same function of internal links and that is, to make the visitors stay put on the website and help them in finding the information they are looking for.

Breadcrumbs SEO

It tells you about the categories on which a visitor clicked. For instance, you clicked on a site so the first page you will land on would be the home page, from there you went to the about us page and then you clicked on the contact us page.

Therefore the breadcrumbs will look something like this

Home> About us> Contact us

This makes the navigation easier. You can backtrack your route on the website. They provide a good user experience but they are not just a way to make the navigation easier. Breadcrumbs also impact SEO and that’s why Google have also made them important. Now Google displays breadcrumbs in the search results.  

Types of breadcrumbs

There are three sorts of Breadcrumbs which are unequal. Each one has a different motive let’s see them one by one.

1. Hierarchy-Based Breadcrumbs

These are referred to as Location-Based Breadcrumbs. They tell user their location within the website and guide them to travel to the homepage.

For example,  Home> Blog section> category> article name

2. Attribute-Based Breadcrumbs

This is usually used on e-commerce websites to display the chain of product attributes user has visited.

For example, Home> Women>Clothing>Dresses

3. History Based Breadcrumbs

This shows you the pages that you simply visited on the website previously. It’s a bit same as your Google chrome history.

For example, if you clicked on three different categories on social media then the Breadcrumb will look something like this

Home> Category1> Category 2> Current page

Benefits of Breadcrumbs SEO

Breadcrumbs have some benefits. Let’s take a sneak peek at them.

➽ Makes user continue on the website for long

One of the main reasons why a visitor exits a site early is unablility to figure out the website. They face difficulty while navigating the site. Breadcrumbs help them guide through the site. They can easily track their way. So it will decrease the bounce rate of the site.

➽ Improve Site Ranking

Previous advantage brings us to the subsequent one which is improvement in website ranking. A website’s ranking will only improve when its bounce rate is low. In addition to that, Google has legitimately added Breadcrumbs to its search result page back in 2018 which makes them even more important now. Breadcrumbs are also useful in local searches. It can facilitate you to make it to the top 10 of the search results page.

➽ Seamless user experience

User doesn’t prefer to lose the track whenever he is browsing a website. Breadcrumbs help navigating the site which is extremely helpful for a user. So it enhances the user experience. It gives user a seamless and clean experience of the web site.

How to implement Breadcrumbs SEO on your website

There are various methods to implement Breadcrumbs SEO on your website.

➽ Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO can put Breadcrumbs for your website. And it will not merely add Breadcrumbs to your website but it will also ready your website for Google. They have some available ready to use themes, you have to merely activate the Breadcrumbs and set them up the way you prefer.

➽ WordPress

Adding Breadcrumbs is very simple here. Just press the big + icon to add a block. You can add Breadcrumbs to individual posts and pages as well. Find the block by writing the name within the search bar or by going down the Yoast section. you may just type Yoast Breadcrumb within a blank paragraph.

To wrap up

Breadcrumbs are a basic thing you need to have on your website. It will work wonderfully to reinforce the traffic on your website plus it will eventually help to enhance your website ranking. These Breadcrumbs add value to your website like Butter adds taste to Bread. I hope you get my point. So don’t forget to feature Breadcrumbs in your SEO strategy.

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