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Twitter as we know is one of the biggest social media platforms worldwide. With over 192 Million daily active users Twitter is still among the top social networks today. Even though Facebook has the largest number of users but Twitter hosts majority of the millennials and Gen Z that are an ideal target demographic for many companies because they make up a huge market. Millennials use Twitter not only to connect with their friends and family but they use it more frequently as a tool for discovering new brands. So it becomes very important for brands to have good number of followers on Twitter. In this article, I’m going to share some tips which you can use to earn more Twitter followers

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Tips to earn more Twitter followers

Earn more Twitter followers

Optimization of Twitter profile

If you want to attract followers on Twitter you have to have a professional, up to date profile. Otherwise it can turn off the prospective followers. So it is important to make sure that your profile is perfectly optimized.

  • In your profile, your profile picture is the centerpiece. This is the part that people notices first. So choose the most appropriate photo for your business or brand.
  • It is best to use your brand’s logo as your profile picture that shows the most important element towards the center of the image. This helps in building stronger association between your brand and logo.
  • Your profile picture will be the identity of your brand on Twitter hence you need to make sure that your profile picture draws attention of the users.
  • Besides the profile picture, bio is most important. You have to provide a little information in just 160 characters about your brand or business.
  • Your bio is necessary to give a prospective follower an idea of what your business is and what they can expect by becoming a follower. It is essential to include information such as your website, location, and contact details.
  • Another important element you can add in your Twitter bio is hashtags. These reinforce the networks desired brand image. The next element of your profile is your header image. The header image can be a great opportunity to reinforce your brand or to promote your latest product or service.
  • Make sure your header image is clear and high quality so that it overall enhances the look of your profile. Your well optimized profile will leave a strong impression on visitors making them much more likely to follow you.

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Enhance engagement with Twitter followers

No matter how large number of followers you have on Twitter if you are not engaging with your followers your business will not get any benefit out of it. The overall number of followers does not matter if the audience is not consuming your content. So you may have hundred thousands of followers but if your posts get zero engagement, those followers are not really worth it. The number of followers has no relation with the level of engagement. You need to enhance the engagement with followers.

This is important because when followers interact with and share your content on Twitter, their followers see that engagement and often become curious. So in a way this engagement is also working as endorsement. Engagement is crucial because it leads to increased reach and visibility which in turn boost the followers. In order to earn more Twitter followers, you should be actively engaging back with them.

How can you engage with your followers?

  • By responding to the comments and mentions of your followers reinforces their engagement which increases the chances of them getting more engaged with you in the future.
  • You have to reply to your followers comments and respond to their direct messages as well.

Follow a daily Twitter routine

You can earn more Twitter followers only by staying active. Your followers will stay with you as long as you are providing them with good content. So if you are not tweeting regularly you can lose your followers.

  • To keep your followers with you, you can post curated content that is quotes and retweets three to seven times per day as well as post your own original content frequently.
  • The frequency and timing of tweets should be managed well by creating separate daily, weekly and monthly routines.
  • You can use various tools to automate and schedule out your posts in advance.
  • Besides tweeting, your Twitter routine should include other things like following and unfollowing other users, replying to direct messages and mentions, and responding to comments on your tweets.
  • On a weekly basis, your focus should be on broader and longer term aspects of your marketing strategy.
  • Your monthly routine should focus on things that are more profitable down the line. The long term routines largely include networking with industry influencers which will also help you to increase your Twitter reach and visibility.

Your tweet should have some value

Like every other type of marketing, Twitter marketing also requires high quality content in order to experience the greatest success. Only by producing great content you can stand out from the crowd as we know the competition is much more now than it used to be. Great content becomes more important when you are new on this platform trying to build your audience. It is a fact that good tweets get more Likes, comments, shares, and followers.

So what should you do?

  • You need to make sure that every time you tweet something, you should provide value to your audience because when your content is valuable and relevant, the chances of your audience connecting with your brand increases.
  • People these days prefer content that is informative.
  • Other types of content that are popular on Twitter are gifs, funny videos, memes, inspirational content like quotations, inspirational true stories etc.
  • You should not forget interactive content which includes quizzes, polls and games. The engagement will improve when people find your tweets valuable. 

Provide a link of your Twitter account on your website and other social media platforms

You might think why I am asking you to link to your Twitter account on your website because after all don’t you want traffic going to your website. Let me inform you that online surveys have shown that your social media profiles are just as effective for content marketing as your own website. To utilize this opportunity you should link to your Twitter profile in a way that is a bit more professional and not just dropping a raw link into the body of your website just for the sake of it.

The best way to link to your Twitter account is by attaching the link to an icon. You can also link to your Twitter profile by embedding a tweet into your website or blog. Likewise, you should link to your Twitter profile on other social media platforms. For instance, Facebook gives you the option to insert your Twitter username in a specific section of the ‘About’ section on your page. This will give the chance to your followers on other social media platforms to follow you on Twitter as well.

Wrapping it up

Twitter can be the best platform for you to enhance your reach to the audience and simultaneously enhancing your brand awareness and online presence on Twitter. The more followers you have, the more will be the chances of lead generation, and the more will be the chances of conversions. If you need any help in Twitter marketing, you can consider hiring Digital Marketing Agency in Dubai.

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