WhatsApp is back with some new updates. These updates can be referred to as WhatsApp move to contend with its rivals. Presently, it is testing the multi-device support feature that was confirmed by WhatsApp boss Will Cathcart in June. Still the ultimate objective remains to provide the best user experience to its users.

So what WhatsApp update do we have this week? Let’s find that out.

Latest WhatsApp updates

Here are four latest WhatsApp update

Latest WhatsApp Update

1. Sharing top quality photos

WhatsApp has informed that it is working on a new feature that will eventually improve the quality of the photos or images being shared on the messaging app. If we go by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp has already started working on a feature called Image Quality which will allow the users to pick the quality of the image that users share with their friends and family on WhatsApp.

June WhatsApp Update: WhatsApp update: What do we have this week?

At present, WhatsApp compresses the images while sharing them with other users on its platform. And this impacts the image quality and the freshness of the image. Now, WhatsApp will give three options to its users- Auto, Best Quality, and Data Saver- to choose from when they upload an image for sharing.

  • After choosing the Auto option. WhatsApp will detect the best compression algorithm based on the image that you are sharing and then send the image across its platforms.
  • The best quality option will then enable WhatsApp users to send high-quality images over its platforms. For instance, if someone shares an HD image, then by choosing the Best Quality option, WhatsApp will not degrade the quality of the image at all.
  • The third option (Data Saver option) will further help in compressing the image in order to reduce the data usage while sharing the image.

Presently, this feature is being developed for WhatsApp ‘s Android Beta app. Meanwhile, WhatsApp is also working on a similar feature for videos as well. Likewise the image feature. It will have three options that a user will get on using the Image Quality feature to pick from while sharing videos.

2. In-app notifications

WhatsApp as of late rolled out another update for iOS users on the beta program of the applications. The instant messaging application has made it simpler for the user to interact with in-application notifications. The iOS users running WhatsApp’s new beta update will actually be able to see entire chats without opening them. This won’t just give an effective method to rapidly see messages. However will likewise allow users to read messages without letting the sender know that it has been read.

As indicated by a report by WABetaInfo, WhatsApp as of late rolled out the beta version for iOS users. This beta update will present another method of interacting with in-application notifications of the messaging platform. Users will be able to see more subtleties of a chat from inside the notification banner.

The users will actually be able to extend the notification to see the content of the chat. The preview of the chat won’t be static, as per the report. Users will be able to scroll up to even view older messages from that specific chat. Unlike the peek feature, where the user was only able to see new messages in a static cell, this new feature will allow the users to see more messages and even media like pictures, GIF, videos and stickers.

The user will have no compelling reason to enter the chat to see the media. Subsequently, the chat won’t get updated at the sender’s end and they won’t see the blue tick, regardless of whether the read receipts feature is on. However, if the user decides to reply from inside the notification, all past messages with a dark tick will become blue.

3. Voice note waveforms

WhatsApp has added voice note waveforms to its platform. Now users will see a waveform instead of a straight line in a voice message. This feature is visible for all the beta users. According to the referred source, some of the users can’t play and pause from a specific point because the voice waveform isn’t entirely visible in dark mode and it is somewhat hard to “navigate through the voice message.” The feature is as of now just available for Android users, and it very well may be rolled out for iOS once the issues are fixed.

4. Forward in-app sticker packs

The latest WhatsApp beta update has additionally added the capacity to forward in-application sticker packs to friends or relatives. It is worth noting that this feature is already available for iPhone users. Those who need to check if they have gotten this feature, they can open the WhatsApp Sticker Store and select a sticker pack. The sticker store is visible in the emoji segment of the messaging application.

In the store, if you see a forward button at the highest point of the sticker pack, then, this implies that the feature is available for your account. When you tap on the forward button, you will be asked to select a chat you wish to forward the sticker pack to.

Moreover, WhatsApp recently added two new playback speeds for sound files, taking the quantity of playable speeds to three. These incorporate 1X, the default, original playback speed, alongside 1.5X and 2X, which let you play the file at 5 or 100% quicker speeds.

Wrapping it up

These updates aim to enhance the user’s experience on the instant messaging platform. WhatsApp is consistently coming up with new updates to retain its users as it faced a lot of backlash after it introduced its controversial privacy policy. Anyways, don’t forget to check these updates on your app.

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