As i have said many times previously that a website is the face of a business online. How great impact your website can have on a visitor will very much determine their decision to buy your products or not. A visually appealing website with useful content will impress the visitor and then he is more likely to spend more time on your website increasing the chances of conversions.

On the other hand if your website is not attractive and has poor navigation then you will lose that visitor that could have become a potential customer of yours. By now, you must have understood the importance of having a great website design for your business.  Now the question is how website design can increase the sales. You will find that out in the subsequent sections. Just bear with me till the very end of this article.

Let’s dig right in

Now let’s talk about seven ways which can be used to increase the sales with website design

7 Ways to increase sales with website design

sales with website design

1. Coordinate responsive design

At this point when you know the significance of website design for conversions, you can comprehend the effect of having a functional webpage that claims to your audience. The initial step to expanding conversions is incorporating responsive design. Responsive design guarantees your site adjusts to whatever device somebody uses. If somebody gets to your site on their  smartphone, responsive design guarantees that your site adjusts to fit the smaller screen.

Your audience will have an extraordinary experience that they would if they got to your site on a desktop. You should incorporate responsive design into your webpage in light of the fact that 37% of customers are bound to purchase from mobile responsive sites. A decent web design that is responsive can help you enhance sales for your business.

2. Utilize excellent visuals

If you need to expand conversions with website design, center on utilizing great visuals. Visuals assume a basic part in keeping your audience connected to your page. At this point when you have blocks of text on your page and nothing to split them up, you hazard driving your audience away from drawing in with your site. Walls of text can feel overpowering, which makes audience leave your site.

Also, if your visuals, as for product pictures, aren’t excellent, your audience will not have the option to see them. It will likewise give them an awful impression of your webpage and can cause visitors to perceive your site as dishonest. Great web design incorporates excellent visuals that help improve the user experience. You can utilize photographs, video clips, or illustrations to add a visual pop to your site.

3. Utilize white area

If you need to increase conversions with website design, you have to ensure that you use the white area. Many companies wrongly attempt to fill every last bit of their site with data or visuals. The truth, nonetheless, is that over-burdening your site can make it really diverting and overpowering for your audience. White area or space is essential to a great design. it empowers you to have a spotless and keep your audience zeroed in on vital information.

Apple’s website, for example, uses the white area wonderfully. When you utilize white area, you keep your audience focused on the crucial information and get them to remain connected on your site for longer duration. With the increase in the engagement time, the sales will also increase for your business.

4. Video content

Video is a hot topic in website design that is set to proceed through this year and into upcoming decade. Companies have revealed immense conversion rate increments from showing product videos on their sites. B2B and service-based organizations can profit gigantically from focusing on decision makers with video content. Examine what makes you stand apart from your competitors and feature the advantages of your service in a straightforward and easily understandable video.

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5. Optimize the loading speed of your website

Your brand’s online presence is just pretty much as solid as your site. If a user is met with bad website design and sloth-like website loading speed, they will not remain there long enough to hear your brand’s message. A report by Standford shows that 75% of visitors will pass judgement on a brand’s credibility altogether on the look and website design of a site. Kissmetrics revealed that 40% of potential customers will forsake a site if it takes longer than 3 seconds to load. The speed of your site is essential and ought to be a vital focal point of your website design.

6. Easy navigation

Apart from the looks and speed of the website, its navigation matters the most. You might have an attractive, appealing and fast loading site but if the audience is unable to navigate it easily then there is no point in all of that. The navigation of the website is one of the most crucial aspect when it comes to website design. It determines how faster and easily people can find your products or services which play a vital role in making them a sale for your business.

The navigation should be well-organized. Products should be easily found by the customers, there should be separate categories and related sub-categories for different products and these should be easy to locate on the page.  

7. Clear Call to Actions should stand out on page

Call to Action is the way by which you can increase your sales significantly. Let’s say, a visitor likes a particular product on your site and he decides to buy it. But when he looks at the rest of the page he does not find anything which will allow him to make the purchase. He will leave the site then without making a purchase. Hence, without a well-placed clear and compelling Call to Action you won’t be able to make conversions.

The customer needs CTAs to guide them; you should place your CTA at such a place where it is easy to locate, for instance, beneath the product description or at the right side of the product picture. Your CTA should stand out; it should instantly grab the attention of the visitor.

One important thing to note down here is, your CTA should be clearly described. In other words, it should tell the visitor what exactly will happen if he clicks on the CTA. For instance, “Add to cart” will add the product to the cart, “Buy now” will take you to the purchase page directly and so on and so forth.   

Summing it up

Website design is a domain that needs very much attention of the marketers. An attractive, well-optimized website design will always bring the right customers who are most likely to become your potential and eventually permanent, loyal customers. Trying to improve sales with website design can be a big and tricky project. Hence, you can hire Digital Marketing agency in Singapore to make this process easier and simpler for you, that too, at affordable prices.

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