Have you seen children using or looking at their smartphones all the time?

Starting from waking up in the morning to hitting the sack at night, they keep using mobile with no limit. And this creates a problem for children as their focus gets shifted from study to mobile devices. For parents, the smartphone is both a boon and a bane.

social media in 2021

Why am I talking about children and smartphone here? Any guesses?

Let’s understand this with digital marketers and social media platforms. Suppose, you’re a digital marketer who is using social media tools to promote products and services on it. You’re doing well, getting huge engagement, and generating sales leads. You might find social media boon for your business. What if social media becomes a bane for you and fetches you bad results.

Like a coin has two faces, social media too has pros and cons. If you’re using social media in 2021, then you know the benefits and drawbacks of social media right away. So, without beating around the bush, let’s have a look at the given benefits and drawbacks of social media in 2021.

Let’s start with …

The benefits of social media in 2021

– Brand building

The most obvious reason or advantage of using social media is that marketers use it for increasing brand presence in the market. And when it comes to increasing brand presence, there is no other platform than social media. If you want to create a strong brand presence, social media will help you achieve so. The more presence your brand gets in the market, the higher number of audience will be able to associate with it. If you find it a difficult process, then you can take help from a digital marketing agency. An agency will easily manage your brand presence in the market across the world.

– Cost-effective solution

We all know that creating an account on social media is almost free. Whether you’re creating a personal account or business account, there is no charge for that. The time when you’ll be using the payment method is when you’re doing paid advertisement. There is no doubt that everyone wants to save money and generate high ROI, and social media is that tool for you.

– Improve customer satisfaction

Not only social media is used to build brand awareness or traffic, but also used to enhance customer satisfaction. Today, no marketer has time to solve customer queries in person. With the help of social media, they’re able to attend to customers’ queries and solve them immediately. There’s no need to attend calls or send out personalized emails. The more you solve user queries, the higher the positive experience you’ll create among customers.

– Reach worldwide audience

Yes, social media is a universal communication as well as a marketing tool that can easily reach out to anywhere worldwide. Whether you want to attract a national audience or an international, if you have eye-catching and informative content, you’ll surely reach to them. This way you’ll be able to reach out to a larger number of audiences.

– Access to paid advertising services

If you want to go beyond organic posting and get more out of advertisement then paid advertisement is the option you can use. Each social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and many other offer paid advertisement option to you. With paid ads, you have the opportunity to connect with leads who haven’t founded your business yet.

Let’s now move on to…

The drawbacks

– Rain of negative feedback

Feedback is important for any business to know how customers think about their products, right. The social media platform is open for feedback. You get both positive as well as negative comments and you can’t even stop someone from posting negative comments about your brand. If someone had a bad experience with your product, it opens up a door for them to share their poor experience with the social media community. This might result in losing traffic and customer base.

– Time consuming campaigns

Of course, if you’re leveraging social media in your business, you will end up spending a lot of time managing campaigns on it. As a small business, you might find it a challenging task to manage a social media marketing campaign especially when you have limited resources and a small department. Having no or limited resources makes a campaign a tedious task.

– Slow Return on Investment (ROI)

You can’t expect to get success on social media within a day or a week. It takes months even years to get fruitful or desired results. Moreover, not every platform appreciates the efforts you put in. No matter how much paid advertisement you use, you have to keep patience and open yourself for slow results. Don’t expect immediate results.

Apart from these drawbacks, other cons you can see here are competition, expensive marketing, and giving exposure to competition.

Over to you!

Now that you have come to the end of this article, I believe you have thoroughly read every pro and con of social media mentioned above. Well, you can’t deny the presence of social media completely; it is no more an option rather a necessity especially in digital marketing. So, even if you get to see some of its minor drawbacks then try to compromise with it and boost your brand with social media in 2021.

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