How many times people visited your website and immediately left without taking any action?

Actions such as visiting different website’s pages, downloading templates, newsletters, making a purchase, or clicking a call to action.

As per the study, visitors must spend at least 2-3 minutes (average) on the website which shows a sign of positivity and a user-friendly website.

bounce rate

Back to the situation, where users leave a website within seconds only, actually reveals that the site is not engaging, not mobile-friendly, and user-friendly. A lot of time you might also have left the site immediately after visiting, right. Have you ever asked yourself why you did so? Of course, you didn’t find the site relevant, right.  This actually increases the bounce rate of the website, which is a serious concern for any digital marketer.

If you’re genuinely reading this article, that means you want to get rid of the bounce rate. Isn’t it? So, continue reading this article, you’ll get to know various ways to get rid of bounce rate.

Let’s get to it.

Crucial ways for you to get rid of bounce rate

– Look at your page loading time

One of the first reasons that increase your bounce rate is page loading time. When users visit your site and it doesn’t load within 2-3 seconds, after getting frustrating they eventually leave it. It shows a bad user experience. According to Google, a website should load within 3 seconds, taking time more than that will make a bad impression on on-site visitors. Not only page loading time is crucial for desktops, but also on mobile devices because the majority of people access sites through mobile devices. Try to use the PageSpeed Insights tool to check the time your website takes in loading on mobile as well on desktop.

– Use responsive website design

A website design is very important for any user whether he is opening your site on a mobile device, laptop, or desktop. If your website design isn’t responsive and doesn’t get open then it will create a bad impression of the overall site. Of course, if the site doesn’t open, nothing is visible, what users will get to see on your site. So, try to get a friendly template that can easily open on both mobile devices as well as on desktops.

– Produce engaging and informative content

You remember famous adage ‘content is king.’

Content has been king in the market since the starting of the online marketing era. Why do people search anything on Google? Obviously, just to get relevant information or results they’re looking for, right. If your content fulfils their demand then what else they need (?) Now suppose, you are creating content for the sake of posting, right and not producing for providing information to users. How can you expect users to stick to your irrelevant or poor content for long? No one will waste time on reading such inauthentic content, neither you. Therefore, don’t do that otherwise you’ll get to see an increased bounce rate on your site.

– Include live chat help or chatbot

Do you want people to stay on your site for long? Of course, yes. If people spend more time on your site, they’ll likely have queries related to your product or services you sell. Isn’t it? And when they have queries they will likely solve it. To solve queries, they’ll want to connect you. Now suppose, if you aren’t available to solve their queries or questions they have, you’ll surely lose customer base, why to happen this situation? Make sure you add a live chat feature so that users easily connect you and thereby you get rid of the bounce rate.

– Use high-quality images

Another way to get rid of the bounce rate is – using high-quality images. Now tell me who doesn’t like eye-catchy and alluring images? Everyone loves them. If you want to get rid of the bounce rate, make sure you hire an experienced photographer who can click nice pictures for you. Else you can purchase beautiful photographs from different stock photography websites. However, there are several online websites that offer royalty-free images as well. You can even use high-quality images as full-screen backgrounds, background slides, and place them next to your call actions.

Over to you!  

After reading all the given ways, you’re good to reduce the bounce rate of your website. Having a bounce rate to the site will negatively impact your site traffic, engagement rate, and conversion rate as well. I would say don’t lose valuable customers to your site, rather optimize your site with SEO or hire an SEO agency so that you will have a huge customer base in the end. Moreover, if you have any queries to solve just contact us and till then read about our work.

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