“Voice Search” is the talk of the town these days. And why not. Isn’t it amazing that you can search anything effortlessly just by speaking. This is the new trend. The popularity of voice search has increased manifolds in recent time. This is because it is convenient and less time-consuming. I mean why would you waste time typing when you can search anything just by speaking. The use of voice search can most commonly be seen on the mobile phones.

With these new developments many brands are lagging behind those who have adopted these new technologies. And it is very important to include this productive technology in your Digital Marketing strategy to stay in the game hence, in today’s article I am going to give you some tips using which you can optimize your website for voice search.

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Tips to optimize your website for voice search

voice search

➽ Improve your site speed and mobile optimization

Google has been giving equal importance to the level of mobile optimization of a website along with the web version. Google has been indexing its websites so that they become mobile-optimized first. Mobile optimization means the mobile version of the website, how does it appear on mobile and whether or not it is responsive on the mobile devices.

This importance is given due to that fact that most of the voice searches are performed on mobile phones. Hence, Google will rank based on whether the site is mobile friendly or not. It’s consequently easy to interpret if a site has been optimized: through Google Search Console, an assessment of your site to decide whether it’s cultivated or whether it requires some improvement is executed.

The loading speed of site is proportional to the optimization of your site. With voice searches too, speed matters. If the site loads slowly then the user experience will be of poor quality. You have to improve the speed of your site, only then you can provide a better, quality user experience that will send a signal that your page is user-friendly which eventually improves your ranking.   

➽ Get your focus on local searches

It has been found in many online surveys that majority of internet users uses voice search for local searches. for instance, “what are some best gyms near me” or “what is the best Italian restaurant in my area”. these are local searches and most people use voice search to search for local matters. This trend is and will benefit local businesses in future. Hence, it is vital for local businesses to optimize the voice search on their page. Optimizing your page for local search through voice searches will give you an extra edge over your competitors.   

➽ Utilize long tail keyword search

Believe it or not, long tail keyword search performs very well in voice searches. This is because they have low search volume and encounter less competition. Long tail keywords are very super specific, and high intent searches and only a handful of users search for them mostly those users who are in the decision making stage of the marketing funnel. This increases the sales and also helps to generate effective leads. You can do your research on popular long tail keywords that are used in voice searches.    

➽ Put out conversational content

Why do people prefer voice search because they convey their question or query in long sentences. For instance, if you are searching for chocolate cake recipe, you will type “easy chocolate cake recipe” whereas in voice searches you will search “what is the easiest recipe of chocolate cake”. Hence, you have to make sure that you put out conversational content. This is because in conversational content you can focus on these long tail keywords. This will give you a better chance of getting to the targeted customers which will draw more traffic to your site.

➽ Obtain featured snippet

Regularly, featured snippets address one among the most looked for messages on Google’s SERPs – web search engine results pages. Furthermore, what’s reality with regards to that? In the genuine sense, featured snippets don’t just get position 0 yet in addition offer responses to the inquiry question in the most proper way. Remember that a normal voice search question has around 29 words long.

To get the most helpful featured snippet, offer the correct response to the voice inquiry from the audience, including the key subtleties, and keep it short. The line positions in the first position on voice search just as in the featured snippet for both PCs and handsets. In a perfect world, this helps with expanding the traffic to pages and sounds great.

Wrapping up

As technology is progressing and evolving, the capability of voice search in upgrading the marketing scenario as well is growing. Voice search is on trend so every business should take advantage of this technology to earn the best results. By following the above mentioned tips you can optimize your website for voice search.  

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