How many times have I quoted “Content is king.” This is because content is an essential part of a website. Without content, a website is a clean slate. Content serves no purpose when you don’t promote it. When it is not promoted enough it is not good enough. And this is not fair because you work hard coming up with content, researching it, writing it and publishing it. Promotion of content gets you the desired website traffic and also increases brand awareness. I mean isn’t what we do in the Digital Marketing, we promote brand, we pay ads and more. Creating content and promoting it should go together.

In today’s article, I am going talk about some tips using which you can promote your content

Let’s jump right in

Tips to promote your content

Promote your content

Here are some tips you can use to promote your content across the internet.

➽ Your Blog

Your blog is the home for your content because it has to live somewhere right?. Blog is the best place where your content can exist for a long time. It allows you to write long-form content, edit it anytime and update it from time to time. The main thing here is to make your content as relevant as possible. You can’t publish a content now and then vanish for 6 months. You have to be consistent with your content. Post regularly and update your old posts whenever required.

For instance, posts featuring statistics or dynamic information are always up for update. So you don’t have to worry about posting something new daily. You can update the older posts and then post it once in a while or whenever required. The main money makes is the timeless content, these evergreen pieces are always relevant and relatable that drive traffic.

➽ Social media platforms

This is a “no-brainer” Social media is the go-to place for marketing and promotions. Name any industry, everything can be promoted on social media. With content, social media plays a huge role in its promotion and creation as well. Social media has multiple channels through which you can promote your content. You can create a page for your business and share your content there or you can share your content on someone else’s page as well you can promote your content in the groups that you are in on social media.

Social media gives you reach to a wider audience. You just have to increase the engagement with your audience by conversing with them through comments and mentions, messages and more. This will surely help your content grow more popular which will ultimately draw good traffic to your site and generate effective leads and increase conversions.

➽ Broadcasting via Email

Email marketing is an effective and highest ROI generating method of marketing. This can be used very efficiently to promote your content. You must have a mailing list with you that consist of people who subscribe to your newsletter or from your email campaigns. Emails are an effective way to promote your content because people regularly check their mails, so if your mail is sitting in their inbox they will have a look at it or at the very least they would know that it exists. You can share your content via newsletter, email signatures, drip campaigns, thank you emails and product update.

➽ Online forums and communities

Besides social media, there are many online forums and communities where you can share your content among like-minded people. For instance, Quora, Reddit, Slideshare, LinkedIn, YouTube and many more. Here you can post your content in form of answers to users questions and then you can link to your content as supporting material.

But you should be careful with the way you present your content, it should not look all promotional because most of these platforms are for knowledge sharing and deeper discussions. Hence, you have to make sure that your content is thoughtful and insightful, if it looks too self-serving you may see your comment gets deleted.

➽ Paid advertising

Ads are the lifeline to many brands. You can witness an amazing response to your content if you promote it through paid ads. You can run promotional ads across social media platforms. Paid ads are effective because they can target who sees it. Besides that, these ads fall under PPC or Pay-Per-Click category which means you only have to pay when someone clicks on the ad.

For the ads, you have to create specialized ad copy for the content you want to promote which should contain specific keywords. You have to make the ad copy compelling and crisp. Paid advertising will work wonder to promote your content. This will increase the traffic on your website.

➽ Guest posting

Backlinks are a great way to increase the traffic on your site. One way to earn quality backlinks is by guest posting. You can write guest blogs for other brands having customers similar to yours. You can insert a link to your site in the content or in your bio. This allows you to build a new audience for your content.

By writing guest blogs you can raise your brand awareness. And you can become an authority in your field. Get in touch with those who reached out to you for the same opportunity, that can be a win-win situation. You can also ask your partners to do a guest swap with you.

Wrapping up

Promoting content is really important if you want to build your brand. Content without promotion will not produce any productive results. You have to promote it well in order to draw traffic to your website and to increase the conversions.

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