Let’s be clear high Click-through rates (CTR) means successful Google AdWords campaign. How? This is because high CTRs are critical as they directly affect your cost per click and quality score. This will eventually influence how much a lead or sale costs you. Hence, a high CTR is important.

If you also want to improve CTR on your Google AdWords then you have landed at the right page. Google Ads play a vital role to make a Digital Marketing strategy successful. Many businesses are struggling with their CTR without knowing the cause behind it. Well, there can be multiple reasons why an ad does not do well but most of the times it is due to the use of wrong words. If you don’t manage your Google Ads account effectively the CTR of your Ads would be possibly low. As a result of which you won’t get the necessary traffic, ROI, leads or sales.  

In this article, I am going to tell you some ways you can use to improve your Google Ads CTR

Let’s jump right in

Tips to improve Google Ads CTR

improve Google Ads CTR

Below mentioned are some tips you can utilize to improve your Google Ads CTR

➽ Level up your Quality Score

Quality score is a measure tracked in Google Ads that score your keyword on a scale of 0 to 10. the basis of the measurement is the relevance and quality of the advertising. This score helps us understand if someone will click on the ad and if they do, what kind of experience will they have if they click through the site. High quality score ads perform better, achieve higher rankings, cost the advertiser less per click because they have a more prominent position on the page. The factors that affect the Quality score

  • Relevance of PPC landing pages
  • Keyword in ad headline
  • Ad copy
  • Ad URL

Make sure all these factors are in proper place so that your Ad quality score increases, in turn, improving the Google Ads CTR.

➽ Include competitive keywords to headline

Importance of keywords to SEO is a ‘no-brainer’ but keywords also play an important role in Google Ads. All of the options in our Google Ads interface are intended to urge you to add numerous keywords into your account and into your Ad Groups. The issue with this is that having tons of keywords in a single AdGroup impacts on the connection between advert text and keywords in each ad group.

If you have 20 keywords for a keyword that user searches it is possible that the Advert does not contain the keyword the user is searching for. This will affect the Click Through Rates and quality scores negatively. To tackle this problem, you have to tightly group keywords in to smaller groups and also that the advert contains the keywords twice if possible.

➽ Compelling Ad copy

This one is important. You must write compelling ad copy that is unique and original. It should be different and better from the competitors ad copy. If your ad copy is not unique or easily interchangeable with your competition ad copy then your CTR will be affected badly. Mention and highlight unique selling points, you have to convince the users to click on your ad over your competitors. What different things are your offering to the users. If you keep these factors in mind while writing the ad copy you can finish writing a compelling ad copy.

➽ Emphasize the pricing in ad copy

This one is very important for e-commerce websites as they have to mention the price of their products. It is evident that by adding the price of a product in the ad copy, CTR can be improved. If the price at which you are offering a particular product is lower than that of your competition it becomes very necessary to emphasize on the pricing in your ad copy.

It works because you are giving the most important detail that a customer want to know and that is the price of the product. Additional information about a product makes the user click on the ad. Providing additional information in the ad makes it easier for the customer to make a decision to click on the ad and even purchasing the product.

➽ Run split test for ad copy

Google Ads provides you the tools to run experiments in your ad campaign. Split test is one such experiment. By split test, you can create different variations of your ad copy. You can run this test with 2 or 3 ads in each ad group. This test will allow you to test different variations of ad which will tell you which ad get the highest proportion of clicks. After running them for a substantial amount of time, you can switch off the worst performing ad. It is also important because you should not have many ads in the group as it will degrade the ad relevance and CTR.

➽ Run remarketing campaign

Don’t you want to convert your first-time customers into regular customers. Every business wants that. One time purchase does not profit you much. Besides finding new customers it is important to keep in touch with the existing ones. So to prevent them from leaving your brand, you have to run remarketing campaign specially for those customers.

You can make tailored ads for those specific visitors and customers. You can do it in two ways, first you can choose ads for those who are familiar with your brand or who has looked at a particular product and second, you can create targeted ads for existing customers to enhance your sales. When they already know you they are more likely to click on your ad.

To sum up

Google Ads are an important part of the marketing strategy and so is CTR. It helps you figure out whether your strategy is working or not. If not, then you can make necessary adjustments. So follow the above mentioned tips to improve your Google Ads CTR.     

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