Web design of a website determine what kind of impression your brand will have on customers. For small businesses it becomes even more important because they have limited resources to please their potential customers. In today’s article, I will be discussing how you can attract more customers by making seemingly small changes in your web designing tactics.

Your home page showcases your brand’s personality. It is the thing that client sees first. It makes that initial impression on the customer so you better have an eye grabbing home page. If the UX of your website is not well-designed and professional then it will create a negative impression on your customers. Assuming the client lands on your landing page which is underneath expectations, he won’t re-think prior to clicking that back button.

Now, let’s see seven web designing tactics that will help your site attract more customers

7 Web designing tactics to attract more customers

Web designing tactics

1. Simple appearance

You don’t have much time to impress the customers when they land on your page. You only have few milliseconds. So imagine in that few milliseconds if your site has too much going on then the customers won’t continue on your site. Hence, a simple and clean site is better than a site filled with multiple stuff. You can

  • Use only the essential elements design without irrelevant widgets, banners and other distractions.
  • Make your website natural and easily navigable.
  • Make sure the design is uniform, creating a visual connection between different website elements.
  • Your site must be responsive and mobile friendly.
  • Accept feedback from customers on visual and technical aspects of your website in order to reduce unnecessary items.

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2. Limited Call to Action (CTA)

Having multiple Call to Actions will confuse the customers and they will leave your site. Because the more your customers have to wander around to decide what option they should choose, the higher the chances will be that they will leave the site without making a call. So stay away from this practice and make your website straight to the point. Your customer should easily understand what they have to do when they land on your site. Limited Call to Action will make it easier for customers to navigate through your website. The fewer number of CTAs will make fewer decisions your customers have to make. Then they are more likely to follow the natural order of your site.

3. Employ live chat

There are many restless customers who can’t keep their calm and want everything real fast. To deal with them you can employ live chat. This will provide a consistent, high-quality support system, it will give them a 24/7 window to reach out to you. Inserting a live chat to your site improves your business performance. It increases customers loyalty because they will be getting instant and accurate responses. Sales increase usually due to increased sales consultation. Identification and resolution of customers problems by direct communication and proactive support.

4. Include reviews

This is one thing that perhaps every customer look for before purchasing anything. When you are shopping online, you would like to know more about the actuality of the product. That is done through customers reviews. When you showcase reviews of your previous and current customers, it increases your credibility. Make sure the reviews are authentic and not fake. It would be better to add the photos of happy customers using your products. This will definitely attract more customers.

5. The F-shaped pattern

Customers don’t have much time to read the entire content word by word so what they do is they go through the website in a pattern called the F-shaped pattern. They read the content in a F-shaped pattern. In other words, they scan your website in two horizontal movements and final vertical movement.

  • First they read from top left to top right corner.
  • They go to the central part of the content.
  • They scroll to go to the bottom of the page.

So, you can add your essential elements in line with this F-shaped pattern. You can insert the most important elements at the top left corner. This will impress your customers in the beginning and then they will continue reading the rest of the content.

6. Hassle-free payment mechanism

Every customer desire for a seamless shopping experience. And while you have succeeded in keeping them on your site, they can still not make a purchase if the payment mechanism of your site is not easy and hassle-free. If your site loads slowly or the payment gateway take lot of time to load and is not clean, the customers will get irritated and they will leave your site without making a purchase.

7. Don’t play with colors

It is important for a website to look attractive. But if you use striking background colors then it will be difficult for your customers to focus on your content which will make them leave your site. Don’t experiment too much with the colors and try to use widely chosen themes. Most common background choices are simple white background featuring black text, washed out shades of grey, yellow or green. In line with that, you should choose the intensity of brightness of the colors. Focus on creating a balanced contrast between the background and the elements of your site.   

Wrapping up         

We have come to realize the importance of web design. And it is the most important process concerning web development. Having a good-looking web design is not enough to draw customers, you have to include a great content and make a balance between them.

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