Is your website not showing up in the first page of Google search results? The reason could be that you are not getting enough organic search traffic. Every website owner wants to be in the front page of Google because only then they can bring in good amount of organic traffic. Many researchers have concluded that higher ranking pages have higher click through rates. In this article I’m going to talk about six tactics you can use to improve your organic click through rate

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6 Tactics to improve organic click through rate

organic Click through rate

1. Conduct research on longtail keywords

Longtail keywords are a crucial part of every SEO strategy. They are also vital for blogs. By carrying out a research on longtail keywords and then incorporating them into your website, you will significantly increase the volume of related organic searches you rank for. They are the key to build a solid sales funnel.

It is said that single keywords or short keywords build the top of the sales funnel, and longtail keywords create the mid and bottom funnels. For example, long tail keywords like “best budget laptop” or “mobile phone under 20,000” will see more purchases than just searching “laptop” or “mobile phone.” So by using these long tail keywords you will get more qualified click throughs.

2. Write strong meta descriptions

Meta description is another major factor of SEO. These tell potential visitors what to expect when clicking a link. In order to increase the click through rate, you need to write an effective mega description tags. This becomes important because you only have 160 characters to write an effective meta description hence, you need to utilize it judiciously.

3. Include images in your post

Though it is agreeable that textual content is informative majority of the times but, sometimes plain text can make it boring and dull. Hence, by including pictures the content can be made more interesting as well as engaging. When it comes to click through rates images are a savior. According to an online survey, images can increase the click through rate up to 42% in emails. They also enhance the engagement across all social media platforms.

Nowadays visual content is more popular and it is more consumable as well. Hence it is beneficial to include images in your content but at the same time you have to make sure that the images you are using are original, relevant, and informative as much as possible.

4. Utilize descriptive URLs

If you are looking for an opportunity to implement a longtail keyword then your page URL is the one. Page URL is one of the few things that show up on your link preview. URL length, path and categories also influence search results. Hence it is important to properly categorize and subcategorize URL when you publish a blog post or web page. This provides you to add more keyword opportunities which raise search engine visibility.

5. Localize your content

In the last few years, we have seen Google is shifting to mobile-first policy. The reason behind this is the number of mobile searches that have been steadily increasing since 2011, and have now overtaken desktop searches. In mobile searches, search results are presented in a different way. When you search something on mobile devices, the context of the search depends on where you are.

Localized SEO is an important search factor now a days. So in order to increase the click through rate, you have to focus on localizing your content. For example, people now search “car service center near me” or “car service center in Delhi” etc.

You can localize your SEO by registering your business at Google My Business. There you can provide the location of your business, your map location which will help Google to show up your website in the search result whenever a user search for keywords related to your business. There you can also provide your website details, opening and closing hours, directions, contact details and more.

6. Optimize loading speed of your website

If your website does not draw good amount of traffic, your website speed can be the reason. Fast loading website will always have more clicks through rate and an overall great user experience. When your website doesn’t load fast, visitors leave. Hence, it is important to optimize the loading speed of your website so that your site’s bounce rate does not increase. By improving site speed you can maintain a decent click through rate which is also important for SEO.

Wrapping it up

Organic search traffic is the basic necessity of every website to achieve their marketing goals. This traffic can be enhanced by getting clicks from Google and other search engines. A good click through rate always increase overall organic website traffic and conversions. By following the above mentioned tactics you can improve your organic Click through rate.

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