If you are a digital marketing professional then you must be aware of the importance of quality content and the SEO of your content. These two things aren’t separate, rather they compliment each other. If your site doesn’t provide good content then the SEO would not be able to produce any better results. Likewise, you can’t just sit back after producing good enough content stuffed with keywords and waiting to get good results on its own. Gathering traffic to your website and generating high quality leads is not an easy job, it requires thorough research, extensive planning and preparing an effective SEO content strategy.

So, it becomes very important to have a high quality content and the SEO content strategy as well.

Are you trying to improve the SEO strategy for your content?

Then don’t you worry because in this article I am going to discuss about seven simple methods that you might use in order to create an effective SEO content strategy.

7 simple methods to create SEO content strategy

SEO content strategy

Here are discussed seven simple yet effective methods to create an efficient SEO content strategy.

1. Figure out your target audience

As you must know, providing a good user experience and relevant information is the most important goal of Search engine optimization. But before creating a good quality content that reverberate with your audience, you should know who your audience is and what are their needs and preferences. So how to identify the audience? Let’s see

  • Look for your existing customers, who they are? Identify your existing customers that will give an idea of the potential customers. Go through the quantitative and qualitative data like age and gender to understand the kind of content they will resonate with. You should understand the audience whom you will be writing for.
  • Audience of your competitors: Figure out what attracts the audience to your competitors. What kind of audience is engaging with them. See the comments on social media and blogs.
  • What you will offer them? Think about what products and services you will offer to your prospects and how will that solve their problem.
  • Get feedback: It is equally important to know what the audience feel about you. Always ask for reviews and feedback. It will help you to understand whether your content satisfies the audience or not and what are the shortcomings.

2. Decide your content area

After you are done with the identification of your audience and their needs. You need to start working on the topic you will be writing the content on. Brainstorm content ideas in line with your audience preferences. What unique content you can provide to them. Your purpose should be to create the type of content that your audience want to read. These things will help you in finding out the keywords matches and SEO content creation.

3. Finalize keywords according to your audience interest and your topic area

Keywords are an important pillar of SEO. It is necessary to research what kind of keywords your audience will be looking for. Decide the right keywords that will draw the audience to your site.

You can follow the following steps in order to decide the right keyword for your content

  • Find the broad term that is related to the heart of your content.
  • Then narrow down that broad term in accordance with various factors like best sellers, variations in keywords, product features and the potential questions that people might ask Google to search for your content.  
  • Now make a initial list of the ideas that you have gathered after following the above processes. Then in that list shortlist the ones that best suits your audience.
  • You can use keyword research tools as well.

4. Don’t forget to optimize

Now incorporate the keywords into a powerful content. After preparing the draft, utilize every SEO opportunity.

  • Include focus keywords in the H1, H2 headlines, meta descriptions.
  • Insert keywords that are in accordance to your audience needs.
  • Don’t be irregular in publishing the content. Plan a schedule for regular publishing. This will encourage your audience to come back for your content.

Optimizing the content helps in getting high search results and eventually getting better rankings.

5. Update content when needed

Your job is not done after publishing the content. You have to update the content whenever required. Keeping with the outdated information will not help your audience to get the valuable and latest information that they need. Now that change is happening so quickly. Updates are a constant part of our life. So keep your information updated.

6. Be in-charge of your own content

You should be in control of how your content is published. If you post content on other platforms then the whole control will be in the admins hand. They can remove your content anytime they like. They can make changes to it. So host your content on your platform. Having said that, you can collaborate with other sites as well, but that should be once in a while. Your priority should be posting your own content on your own site.

7. Follow up with the developments

It is not a said and done kind of work. Time and resources are equally spent on writing content and preparing the SEO strategy for that. So, you need to be patient with it. And it is equally important to track the developments. You must regularly track the progress of your content strategy.

  • Monitor the organic traffic your website is gathering. This is a good indicator to tell whether the strategy is working on not.
  • Check whether your page is indexed or not. That will tell you that is your content relevant and valuable to the search engine.
  • Track the conversion. If you are getting more conversion then that is a good sign that your SEO strategy is working.
  • Whether your site is ranked high or not.

These parameters not only help you in tracking the success of your strategy but also gives you the opportunity to improve the shortcomings.

To wrap up

Preparing an effective SEO strategy is not an easy task to accomplish. It requires time, resources and a thoughtful research and planning but it is achievable. You need to focus on the above mentioned seven methods which will help you in creating SEO content strategy.

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