Is it true that you are not getting the outcomes you expected from your SEO or content marketing strategy? Imagine a scenario where you can create expected results of marketing for your business would you believe it? Well regardless, I would like to tell you that beginning a PPC campaign strategy is the most ideal alternative for you. Despite the fact that there are plenty of choices of promoting your business yet it isn’t required that you will get wanted outcomes out of them.

What is PPC ?

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is an alternate and productive strategy to acquire site traffic and conversions. It is a paid advertising tactic where advertisers place advertisements on various stages and pay each time their ad is clicked. It produces quick outcomes as traffic, leads and conversions. As per an online survey conducted in 2013, over 70% of entrepreneurs liked to put their cash in PPC campaigns. It is surprising to see on the grounds that around 64% of consumers click on Google advertisements to shop on the web.

Each business needs their advertising strategies to deliver results rapidly. PPC does that promptly and viably dissimilar to Search engine optimization where you need to wait for months to get the outcomes. However, PPC campaigns are not easy to begin and they require careful planning.

How to build an effective PPC campaign strategy?

PPC campaign strategy

Lets see how you can build an effective and efficient PPC campaign strategy. Let’s dive directly into it

✱ Characterize your objectives

The initial step of possibly every marketing campaign is to have an objective for it. Without an objective you wouldn’t know where you are going.

Picking an objective is significant in light of the fact that the objectives will help us in choosing the stages and promotion types that is best as per your marketing necessities. Well some regular PPC objectives are to expand site traffic; to generate leads; to raise sales and to upgrade brand awareness. According to your objective, you should invest your money in the right platform and ad types.

✱ Focus on the right target audience

This is another step to continue to make the PPC campaign successful. Focusing on the right target audience and their situation in the sales funnel will inform you about the advertising alternative you should put resources into. There are principally two different ways to target audience viz, AdWords PPC and Social media

AdWords audience focusing isn’t focusing on the audience through significant keywords rather focusing based on the intent. The keywords , the ads and the landing pages where you send the user all need to line up with the people positions in your sales funnel. There are three kinds of search intent keywords Transactional, Informational and Navigational. But the first one i.e, Transactional is more important, one on the grounds that these are the ones who intent to make a buy. So the main investment should be done in this one. Having said that, the other two assumes a significant part. The other two are centered around to support the content marketing and improves the customer experience.

social media is a perfect platform to target the right customers. There are three kinds of audiences

  • Custom audience
  • Lookalike audience
  • Saved audience

Custom audience is the main one since they are the particular leads while the subsequent one is like existing leads and the last one is customers based on socioeconomics, interests, area and so on.

✱ Optimize your landing pages

If the landing page isn’t in accordance with the search intent, you would presumably not have the ability to make conversions. Sending customers to non-exclusive pages won’t deliver any great outcomes for your PPC campaign rather it will hamper your SEO by lessening the quality scores, increasing the bounce rate and decreasing the conversions. It is important to set up a strong connection between the search intent of customers and the optimization of landing page as per their interest. That way, customers will bound to remain on the page, sign up or even make a purchase.

✱ Create advertisements

Create advertisements that will fill in as link between the landing page optimization and search intent of the customers. You need to set up advertisements to offer some worth. Optimize the advertisements utilizing diverse copy, extensions, visual media and so forth. You can use different headlines and Call to Actions to make the advertisements compelling. The advertisements will be automated. It is necessary that the audience resonate with the ads because only then they will click on it. You need to ensure that the customer don’t leave your page without making a purchase.

✱ Do analysis of PPC campaign

It is important to carry out a detailed analysis of your PPC campaign strategy. The focus of your analysis should be on identifying the keywords and targeting features that are helping in driving your PPC campaign. There are several metrics which you can consider for search or display such as conversion rate, Click through rate (CTR), Cost per click (CPC), Quality scores for AdWords etc. Tracking these metrics will help you evaluate the effectiveness of your PPC campaign strategy. It will allow you to find out the keywords and audience targeting strategies that are valuable to your business.    

Wrapping up

PPC strategy is perhaps the best strategy to deliver instant results. If you are battling to get traffic and conversions on your site. You can give a chance to PPC. The key is to focus on the right customers, picking the correct platforms, optimizing the page and making an all round optimized advertisement.

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