It is a well known fact that social media helps in increasing the organic traffic and generating more leads. But can social media also help to improve the SEO of a website? In today’s article, I am going to talk about some ways by which social media can help to improve SEO.

Let’s dig right in

First of all there is no official evidence of Google considering social media as a ranking factor. So, ‘Social media is not a direct ranking factor’ this statement should be taken as an official word since we know that Google’s algorithm is secretly guarded. But it does not mean that social media does not impact rankings. Because if you are creating good content on social media then people are most probably going to like and link it to, this will get you more clicks and it will impact your ranking.

And it is a fact that high ranking businesses have high social numbers as well. So it is correlated. But it does not mean that it is a direct ranking factor.

How social media can help to improve SEO?

social media improve SEO

Although we know that social media does not impact the ranking directly, but it does impact it in certain ways which are mentioned below

➽ Building an audience

You may have the best product or service but if you don’t have the right audience for that then its not worth it. It is important to build the right audience and you can do that on social media very well. You have to make your social media strategy perfect so that you can reach the right audience. For instance, Facebook has over 2 billion users then imagine if you can tap on the right audience then it can be very helpful in improving your online presence and you can quickly build audience as well. It will improve the overall SEO of the website.

Social media marketing which comes under Digital Marketing, is a great way to build brand awareness and an audience. This increases the chances of people clicking on your brand’s content which will enhance the Click through Rates and we all are well aware of the fact that CTR impact search engine rankings.   

➽ Branded searches

When customers searches your brand name on Google with related keyword phrase then it can help you rank for similar phrases. So when you have a good social media presence then people are more likely to search for your products using the keywords that you mention in your posts. Google will think that since customers are searching on search engine so it will start rank your site for that particular product.

For instance, if you have your business account on Instagram then you can post about your products you can mention them as a keyword which people will likely to use since Instagram does not provide the best linking procedure. So your followers will use the keyword phrase given by you in the posts and they will use that phrase to search that particular product. It will increase your ranking.

➽ Potential linking

What if I tell you that social media shares can increase your ranking would you believe it? Maybe not. But let me tell you it is possible. How? Lets see. Actually social media shares increases the visibility of your post. Higher the number of shares you get on a post, the opportunities of people to see it and click on it will increase. And more specifically it is the links that increase the rank and not shares actually.

Lets say that you have posted a link of an article on Facebook. People will click on the link they will visit your site and they will share it as well if they find it valuable. So the more number of people will click on that link the more traffic you will get on your website which will increase your ranking. And if you produce good quality content that gains attention you are most likely to get links from other websites as well.

➽ Best place for promotion

Social media is undeniably the best place for promotion of products. Promoting products on Facebook and Instagram surely help in getting conversions. But one place which can help you improve your SEO is YouTube. Yes. You can create videos of your products and then post it on YouTube for promotion, it can possibly leads to links which can ultimately help your website get some organic search engine page results.

Now a days what some businesses are doing is, they are creating a website for their YouTube videos. Because YouTube search queries does not have significant commercial intent while Google websites usually are highly converting. So by making a website featuring videos of your products can help you get conversion and traffic which will eventually increase your ranking. So you can promote your content on social media and you can acquire high quality backlinks as well.  

To sum up

Nobody knows when will Google officially start considering social media as a direct ranking factor. But till that happens, we can focus on social media to promote our content because that influences the SEO indirectly. It is really fruitful in the longer run. So whether or not social media is a ranking factor we know that it is a great place to promote our brands.

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