Is your website not getting the rank you desired for? Then you must take a look at the level of optimization of your website. Optimization of website is one of the factors that impact the ranking of your website on the search engine results page. In Digital marketing, the goal of every marketer is to rank their website but things go sour pretty quickly when they don’t adopt the correct strategies and very often they overlook the optimization of their website. Hence, in order to make your website rank higher you must optimize your website well. Though there are many ranking factors but if you just focus on SEO essentials, you can still improve your rank. In today’s article I am going to discuss seven strategies that are crucial for website optimization.

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7 crucial website optimization strategies

website optimization

1. Technical SEO

Technical SEO deserves substantial attention. Performing SEO audit is not a tough task anymore. There are many SEO tools available that you can use to perform a SEO audit.  Accordingly, you need to carefully interpret the data received from that audit. You should look for certain aspects of technical SEO such as whether your site is mobile-friendly or not, check for status code errors and solve them. Besides that, you have to fix broken links, duplicate title tags and duplicate meta description. Audit your website content by checking the Analytics and improve the less performing content.

2. Core Web Vitals

This initiative of Google is made to quantify the vital metrics for a healthy website. The ultimate aim is to give the best user experience. Google has set the record straight that loading experience, interactivity and visual stability page content and combined are the foundation of Core Web Vitals of 2020 and sometime in 2021 “Page experience” will be included into Google’s core algorithm, as a ranking factor. There are some tools you can use to measure the Core Web Vitals. They are

  • Page Speed Insights that measures the performance of website on both mobile and desktop.
  • Search Console that shows URL performance grouped by status
  • Lighthouse is an open source, automated tool developed by Google to improve the web page quality.

3. Content Marketing

Millions of content being published on the web everyday increases the clutter on the internet which increases the competition in content marketing and few years from now it will become very difficult to break through this clutter. But by following certain techniques you can do that such as by creating a content hub in the form a resource center, by filling the resource hub with informative, useful, valuable and quality content, by writing spoke pieces and news article related to the resource hub and interlink, by writing on trending topics to enhance the visibility and by including infographics, high quality images and videos.

4. User experience

User experience is focused on gaining insights into users, their needs and preferences, their values, their abilities and limitations. UX also considers goals and ambition of a business. The focus of UX tactics is to enhance the quality of the user experience. There are some factors that influence User experience such as the value and uniqueness of your content, the navigability and ease of using your website, design elements of your site, the accessibility of the content- to people with disabilities, the credibility of your site and the value  and quality of user experience of your site.

5. User intent

Writing and optimizing a great piece of content is just the beginning for ranking a keyword. These will carry more weight in Google’s core algorithm as machine learning and deep learning continue to evolve. The aim of Google is to understand the context and then serve the best results based on user’s search intent. This increases the level of research of keywords to advanced level and the selection has also become important more than ever.

There are some keywords that will never rank for queries because of their irrelevance. Hence, the relevance of the keywords should be in line with the user’s search intent. You need to see the trending keywords and the websites for which they are ranking because only if your website and landing pages are similar to what is ranking; the chances are that it will happen.

6. Link Building

Links are among the top ranking factors and the importance of links is continuously increasing. Hence, every organization should make sure that they are not following any bad practices to get links. This is because Google is capable of identifying false and spammy links. So, this can be the biggest mistake. You have to make sure that all the links are natural, organic and high quality. If they are from credible and authoritative sites then that would be great. The bottom line is that don’t focus on quantity of link instead focus on quality of links.

7. Mobile-centered

This is one of the most important factors that influence the rank of a website. Google cleared out the mobile-first index in March 2018. Google has advised websites to move from desktop-only to mobile-first policy. There are some tactics to make your site mobile-friendly such as your mobile should be adaptive to any device, while using a responsive design don’t forget to scale your images, use short meta titles as they are easy and clear to see on the mobile screen, prevent your visitors from unnecessary pop ups that will also hide your content.

Summing up

The sooner the marketers understand the role of website optimization in site’s Google ranking, the better rank they will achieve. It is of utmost importance to focus and invest in optimization of your website otherwise you will not get the rank you wish for. Therefore, by following these strategies you can  level up your website optimization which will help it to rank higher.

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