As it is evident that Email marketing yields the maximum ROI among all the methods of online marketing and that’s the reason why many businesses are incorporating it in their Digital marketing strategy. It helps in gathering fresh leads and improving the customer retention capacity of their business. Having said that, many marketers are making some Email marketing mistakes that need to be addressed and should be completely avoided. Many a times poorly designed Email campaigns damage the reputation of the company due to which the mail ends up being landed in the spam folder. Hence, it is important to know those mistakes in order to avoid them. In today’s article, I am going to talk about eight Email marketing mistakes you must avoid at all costs.

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8 Email marketing mistakes you need to avoid

Email marketing mistakes

1. Unutilized message previews

Preview is a feature in a mail that allows the user to see a glimpse of what is in the correspondence. Hence, it becomes very important. This is because if the preview is compelling readers will understand that the rest of the content is worthwhile reading. The first line of the preview is strong enough to attract the user which will let him know if he wants to read the rest of the content.  Therefore the first line becomes very important because it ranks the highest in attention to quality. Hence, every marketer should effectively utilize the message previews.

2. Bad subject lines

Subject line is very important in an Email. Users usually just scan through the subject lines for few seconds before a mass deletion of unwanted sales spams. Emails having spammy subject lines will never encourage the user to read the Email. Readers often mark them as spam and your future mails land in their Spam box. Hence, you need to make sure that you don’t make such mistakes hence, don’t write poor subject lines. Make sure that the subject lines are short, precise and effective. Also they should not make the user feel like they have been tricked. They should be personalized, should sound professional and avoid writing them in all caps. The subject should offer some value.

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3. Don’t come across as shady

Phishing scams are common these days. Many people have fallen prey to these scams losing their money and personal details. Sending misleading emails can damage the reputation of a company for years. The tone of your mail should be professional and courteous. Add a privacy note letting people know how to subscribe. It is very important that you don’t make any such mistake which damage your reputation because with that you will also lose your prospects.

4. Overlooking mobile phone audience

The use of mobile phone has taken over the use of desktop. Therefore, if you ignore such a massive audience you will lose many prospects. This is because majority of the Email users access their mails on mobile phones. Hence, by tailoring emails that loads quickly on smartphones will retain your prospects and help you gain more. You can conduct Beta test across various devices to eliminate the quality and loading speed issues. You can at least design such a layout that allows the users to view the content more quickly and easily.   

5. Not allowing the readers to reply

“Do Not Reply” can be really annoying when you really like the content or when you have any query that you want to ask the sender. Not letting your reader reply can be the biggest mistake you could be making. If you are doing that then your prospects will move on to some more personalized business to work with. And this is true that a personalized email might get more opened than the non-personalized one. If you think letting the reader reply gets too overwhelming for you at least add a “contact us” button so that prospects can contact you.

6. Not keeping up with the campaign

Surely you have launched a successful Email marketing campaign but if you just abandon it afterwards then it will damage your reputation as well as business. Therefore, it is important that you keep up with the campaign and stay in touch with your prospects. This is because if they are finding your content informative and useful then they would want to see more such content. Hence, it is very important that you don’t let too much time pass between the correspondence and at the same time you should not bombard their email box with daily mails. Maintain a frequency and regularity of emails which are ideal for your readers.

7. Overlooking Call to Action

No matter which platform of content you are using Call to Action is an essential requirement for that. Because the ultimate goal with Email marketing is getting users to take action and if there is no CTA then it would be a huge mistake. You want your prospects to buy your products and services and in order to do that you have to focus your Call to Action on the customer and not the products. Your Call to Action should let the reader know how the product aligns with their needs.

8. Not tracking the campaigns

This can be one of the biggest mistakes that a marketer could make. Just launching a successful Email marketing campaign is not enough. It is important to track the campaign as well. You should incorporate tracking programs to identify what message get potential customers to take action and which ones gets straight to the bin. You have to consistently track the campaigns so that you can improve the mistakes and increase the conversion rate. Sometimes a business might not have the time or manpower to follow all the right measures in that case you can hire a digital marketing company in Delhi that will help you to fulfill your email marketing goals.

Wrapping it up

Email is the most cost-effective way to reach the customers. However, poorly designed campaigns would send a signal to the customers that you are interested in emptying their pockets without giving them any value in return. Successful campaigns are centered on customers’ needs so they write their messages that would offer real solutions to the daily problems of the customers. By avoiding the above mentioned mistakes you can run a successful email marketing campaign.

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