A good domain name is the blood of a website. And every business should be careful while deciding the domain name for their brand’s website because it is like naming a child, while child’s name can be common, domain name can’t be common. It is very important as it represents you in front of your audience which may become your potential customers.

So what are some characteristics of a good domain name for your website? Let’s find that out in the subsequent sections.

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Let’s dive right in

7 characteristics of a good domain name  

good domain name

1. Easy to remember

It would be wrong to say that every short domain would be easy to remember instead sometimes the short domain name can be hard to remember as well maybe because they does not make any sense. Sometimes long domain names are easy to remember. For instance, “fashiontre.com” looks larger than “fhontr.com” but the latter one is surely hard to remember and the former one is easy to remember.

Even when it is short it should make sense. And narrow down it if it consists more than necessary information. For example, “fashionstreet.com” is better and suitable than “thefashionstreetworld.com”. So remove the unnecessary elements and keep it just what the user needs to know.

2. Short and precise

It is evident that short words are easy to remember than long words. And It will amaze you to know that majority of the possible domain names consists of just 3 to 4 letters and the one with 5 letters are no longer in business. There is no sure-shot number of letters that makes a domain name successful but yes it should be between 3 to 4 letters and below 10 characters. It should not go beyond 20 characters.

3. Should align with your site niche

It should be such that allows the user to get an idea of what he can expect to find in your website. It should align with the niche of your website or the kind of your website. If you run a website on beauty blogs then your domain name should reflect that. Otherwise the user would get confused and it will not create a good impression of your brand on the user that visits your website. Always use an English name as it gives a worldwide reach to your website.

4. Easy to spell

It must be easy to spell too. Have a simpler one which is easy to spell because if it is hard to spell then it can send your visitor to a wrong website which will benefit from your mistake. Avoid domain names that consists of repeating letters for example, how many people are confused between the word ‘possession’ and ‘possesses’ so avoid hard to spell words. And also avoid typos and spelling errors as it can divert all your traffic to the right spelled one. At the end always check there is no spelling mistake while finalizing it.

5. Consist your brand name

Brand names are the ones that allow your visitors recognize your products. They don’t make any sense many a times but they stand out because of their unique nature. For example, Google, it doesn’t have any meaning in the dictionary but it is a name that people recognize easily. Another example is ‘Sony’, the title itself is meaning less but because it is a big brand, it is popular and used as a domain name. So you can make an easy to recognize domain name. Having an innovative, creative, and unique brand name can make your domain name easy to recognize.

6. Global presence

A global domain name is very important and fruitful as it widens your reach to the audience. For instance, “fashionstreet.com” would draw more traffic than “fashionstreet.info” or ”fashionstreet.in” etc. This is because country specific extensions limits the flow of users to your site. Keeping “.com” as the extension will give you a reach to the audience all around the world and not just limited to audience of your country. It is possible that you may not get the domain name of your choice possibly because it already exists, then what? You have to make changes in your name accordingly. It is always advisable to use “.com” for good results.

7. Don’t include numerals

This is one of the biggest mistakes you can do. Using numerals in domain name can create a lot of confusion. For example, if you tell somebody your domain name is “food2health.com” then it can confuse the person, he might think that it is “foodtohealth.com” or “foodtwohealth.com” and nobody would like to search all the ‘possible combinations’, so avoid using numerals as it can create a lot of confusion.

Wrapping up

There are many complex processes involved in the website development. Determining a good domain name is a vital part of this process. The right one for your website can make a lot of difference in the traffic that your website draws, sales that your business can make and the leads generation. So follow these above mentioned tips and try to accommodate these characteristics.  

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