If you are a business owner then you must have gone through the struggle of promoting your business. In the past decade we have a witnessed a huge rise in the accessibility and usage of internet. Due to which business owners had to accommodate their marketing methods in line with these changes. One major shift we observed business owners making is moving from traditional methods of marketing to Digital Marketing methods. Digital Marketing is basically promoting a business and products on various online platforms like websites, blogs, social media and more.

There are various online tools which business’ can use to improve their marketing strategy and business. One such tool is GMB or Google My Business. GMB is an online tool that allows businesses to list their names in the listing that is available to the audience on internet and generally these listings are viewed by millions of users. GMB helps users find your business, the location and contact as well. This also allows business owners to edit their information whenever required.

In this article I am going to talk about how you can optimize your Google My Business which will help you grow your business.

Google My Business

First let’s go through some of the benefits of using Google My Business

Benefits of Google My Business

  • Through GMB you can share the latest information about your business which increases your products visibility among the right audience. Latest information will help your customers find you.
  • GMB also lets you build a connection with your customers. Your GMB page allows the customers to give their reviews and feedback. They can also include images to explain their experience in a more detailed way. This will create trust among your customers and it will attract other customers also.
  • GMB helps you understand how your customers found you in the online world and how they interact with your listing. Using these information you can track the number of searches, their inquiries about your address and contact details.
  • And obviously GMB enhances your online visibility if you optimize your GMB profile the right way, you can get a better visibility on the search engine.

Now let’s see some tips by using which you can optimize your Google My Business

Let’s jump right in

Tips to optimize your Google My Business  

1. Setting up your GMB

This is the first step. To optimize your Google My Business you need to have a Google My Business in the first place. First you have to check that there is only one business by your name. This can be done by searching your business name on search engine. After that, use Google’s in-platform feature for My Business to search and locate your business on Google My Business.

Then set up your Google My Business for it, it will take some time to get verified. Next you have to choose the category for your business. This is important because only by choosing the right category you can get the right customers. Hence this is a crucial as well as an essential step.

2. Give the right location

The first thing that any user looks for in a GMB is the location of the business. Google My Business is itself a great way to promote your business to appear in the local searches as you know most of the searches are like this “gym near me” or “restaurant near me” hence it is necessary to give the right location so that your local business gets a boost. Giving the right address of your business is vital. Besides that, you can also provide information about the landmarks near your business so that customers can locate your business quickly and easily.

3. Insert the relevant keywords

Important of keywords for a website’s Search engine optimization is well-known and well-understood. But they are also significant for Google My Business of a business. How? By adding keywords to your business details in GMB can earn you brownie points. By adding relevant search phrases and keywords in your description will help you rank higher quickly. This is a sure shot way to attract your local audience effectively.  

4. Provide your business hours in the details

Never ever commit the mistake of giving any false or incorrect information in your business GMB as it will only impact your business in a negative way. If you are not updating your GMB whenever required you will land in trouble. If you want to make sure that you don’t lose your customers then you have to update your GMB with the latest information. If you have relocated to a new location, update it on your GMB.

Besides that, one important information that your customers are looking for is the business hours. You need to provide the right business hours on your GMB as the local customers might want to visit your location. If you change your business timings or holidays please update it on your GMB. This will be convenient for your customers.

5. Respond to your audience

The easiest way to retain your customers is by listening to their feedback and responding to their queries and answering their questions. This shows your genuineness and that you care about your customers. When you listen to your customers and work on their feedback you come across as a trustworthy brand. Customers trusts brands that listen to their issues and feedback. This also builds a personal connection with your customers and it also enhances the engagement.

6. Optimize your website

Along with a well-optimized Google My Business your website content must be optimized for website search As your website will be mentioned in your GMB hence it is important. You need to use the same keywords that you used in your website content in order to rank higher. Your keywords should be relevant and related to the local audience to promote local SEO. You may as well add a local number in your website to attract the local customers.  

Summing up

Google My Business is very useful these days because majority of the customers check online for a business before they make a purchase. If you have listed your business on GMB then your business would have the equal opportunity to be seen by the audience. Then it depends on the audience which one they selects by comparing and analyzing the businesses. Hence, GMB is a smart tool to attract more traffic and conversions.

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