Website design is an important aspect for any website. If you want to take your business online then you must have great website layout designs. Page layout process allows you to decide what content you want to place on your page, where to put it and which content would go first. You can not just randomly place any content anywhere. As we know that website is the face of your business. Hence, it is important to have a great website design for your business’s website.

In today’s articles, I am going discuss about six timeless website layout designs which you can follow to make a great website.

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6 Timeless website layout designs to follow

website layout designs

Below are mentioned 6 website layout designs you can follow to build a successful website

1. Parallax scrolling

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning? Let me guess, you scroll Instagram or Twitter. This scrolling is like a spiral in which you just go down without even realizing. This technique has been exploited by web designers in their web development which is commonly called the Scrolling Parallax effect. Nike was the first website to use this parallax effect in 2011. Since then it has become overarching with many web designers, especially for the gaming websites, are increasingly using this parallax effect.  It’s like reading a story with scrolling rather than turning the pages.

2. Column/rows with Large headers

This is the most old-school web design layout that is never too old to use. Large headers unquestionably attract eyes to the computer screen. Few Columns are generally placed along or below the headers. One small column/row can be placed either left or right of the wider column. The small column/row generally serves as a navigation pane in which a list can be made comprising of all the headlines of the website.

The wider column is generally filled with latest articles or most popular articles or blogs or any content related to that particular website. For example, the website of the Nature journal has a header “Nature” below which it has a row with important links and few different sized columns are placed below that row; latest researches are published in those columns.

3. Navigation through grid

Grid style layout is another orthodox web design layout which is used even in present times. It is generally popular among fashion designers, artists, photographers and e-commerce websites. Now a days it is also being used in educational websites. Small sized boxes are placed sometimes spaced or they can be inter-crossed and asymmetrical too. They have small headings or sub headings with usually a clipart or logo tagged along with it. Abstract colors are usually used to fill those boxes. It instantly draws the attention of the user.

4.  Use of Graphic Information

What kind of presentation would you like to prefer? – One with just plain content and other with some relevant photos and small videos, definitely the latter one. Human brain process visual information more than textual one. It is a great technique to insert some relevant yet creative pictures and videos on the web design, it attracts those eye balls that don’t have much time to spend in reading so the important information is provided in the form of pictures and videos. Kids tend to get attracted towards graphical information too. Those websites where large cartoon characters give you a tour of the website are popular too.

5.  Floating Animations

Animations have been in use for a long time now even beyond the purview of web designs too. It is a great way to make the website look more creative and engaging.  The motto of the website can be presented through the animations. It is evident that people prefer animations over regular written content. Especially websites targeting children can exploit this technique to gather more crowd. Important messages or news can be conveyed through animations.

6. Magazine Style Design

This is an extension of the grid layout. It has many different boxes fitted according to the freshness of the content. Due to this reason this is perfectly suitable for online news and magazine portals. In this design layout, it is important to make sure that the grid does not spread all over the place. It should be carefully organized so that the complexity does not make the user leave the site immediately. A lot of information has to be packed in a single page of the website, so it’s important to give it a clean look so that it does not end up looking like a mess or pile of trash.

Wrapping up

The importance of website layout can be understood very well now a days as many brands are experimenting with their web designs because the it affect the navigation and responsiveness of the site which eventually affects the user experience. Every business thrives on the quality of user experience they provide.  

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