Social media is THE place if you want to become famous. In recent times, we are seeing a legit word for these famous people and that is “Influencer” As someone who Is in the domain of Digital Marketing you must know the importance of social media for influencers. Social media influencers are the people who have a substantial amount of followers, who do endorsements and reviews and who have the ability to affect the buying habits of their followers. That is why many brands are collaborating with these influencers to promote their products or services.

One of the most preferred social media platform by Influencers is Twitter. Hence, in today’s article I am going to give some tips to those who are trying to become a Twitter Influencer.

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Tips to become a Twitter Influencer

become a Twitter Influencer

Here are listed some tips you can follow in order to become a Twitter Influencer

➽ Focus on your Twitter profile

This is one of the basic yet most overlooked aspect. Profile represents you on Twitter. You need to have a solid profile if you want to establish yourself as a strong personality. Your profile picture should be high quality and properly sized. Next is the Bio in the profile. This is very important. You are giving an introduction of yours in the bio. So you have to make sure that you write an eye catching bio which should be hundred percent authentic and effective. Show your personality in the bio, mention what you believe in. You should come across as a relatable person when any user read your Bio.

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➽ Tweet original

When you are on social media you have to keep posting content to engage your followers. So, on Twitter you have to Tweet whatever is going on in your workspace and maybe a little bit of personal space. For a business it is sufficient to share tweets about the products and services. But if we talk about an individual influencer then people wants to know about their personal life as well. So you might as well do that, of course to an extent where you feel comfortable sharing. The important thing here is to put out original Tweets only. You should never copy anyone else’s Tweet except if you are quoting someone.

➽ Tweet interesting stuff

Do not just tweet all text. You can share pictures and videos as well to increase the engagement with your followers. And it is evident that Tweets with images perform better. Make sure you are using high quality images which are properly sized. Share some interesting stuff. For instance, if you are into the fitness field you can share some workout videos.

The main thing to note here is that whatever you are posting should resonate with the followers, it should be helpful to them. For example, the fitness videos can be “easy home workout” or “Zero equipment workout” followers find these kind of content more relatable and helpful. Another important thing is to Tweet regularly. This is because when you are starting your journey on Twitter you have to stay in the feeds of your followers. Hence, you have to post regularly.  

➽ Respond to your followers

Social media, in general can not work one-sided. It does not work with “just post and log out thing”. Your followers want to connect with you. They want to talk to you. So it is important that you interact with your followers every now and then. You can reply to their tweets or share them. You can also reply to their DMs once in a while. This will increase the engagement and it will help you to build a personal and deeper connection with your audience.

➽ Use the right hashtags

As we all know Twitter is the birth place of hashtags. So they must be used in the right way here. Hashtags increases the visibility of your posts and it also helps the users to discover you. Using hashtag the wrong way, overdoing it, using too many hashtags; all these scenarios must be avoided. Don’t use trending hashtags just for the sake of it. Make sure whether they are relevant to your post and followers or not. If not then better not use them.

➽ Track Twitter Analytics

Any marketing strategy won’t work if you don’t track the Analytics. For Twitter specially, you have to track the Twitter Analytics in order to measure the level of engagement and to learn how you can make your Tweets successful. Regularly track the metrics and see what is working and what is not. What kind of content is successful and what the audience wants. Then make adjustments according to the analysis. Do more of what is working and stop doing that does not work.

Wrapping up

You can not expect to become a Twitter Influencer overnight. Create a solid strategy for it. If you carefully follow these tips you can set a strong base for you on which you can build your brand. Utilize Twitter to build a strong connection with your followers.

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