If you are looking to start social media marketing for your business then you can choose Twitter for that. It is the perfect place for any business to grow. Twitter has over 300 million active users which makes it a great reservoir of customers. But there are many famous brands already present on Twitter. So how you can make your brand stand out? In today’s article I am going to discuss about how you can use this social media platform called Twitter for effective social media marketing.

Let’s dig right in

Tips you can use Twitter for social media marketing

Twitter for social media marketing

Let’s see in what ways you can utilize this platform for a successful social media marketing.

1. Complete profile

The first step would be to complete your profile on Twitter. A professional profile makes the first good impression on your followers. Your profile will reflect your brand and inform your followers. There are four parts of a Twitter profile which you will be required to complete

  • Handle: this is your account name, and audience will find you through it only. It should be same across social media and it should have your company name.
  • Profile photo: this is another important part of your profile. Here you will put a picture of your company, it can be logo or the picture of your brand. Make sure it is in the right dimension and it is clear to see.
  • Header photo: this appears at the top of your profile and it can include photos of your campaigns, your office environment etc.
  • Twitter Bio: it is capped at 160 characters. It can be a brief introduction of your company. You can use your brand’s tagline or can write something creative to show your brand’s personality.

You can also insert your brand’s website URL. It will help people to visit your site. Besides that, location is another part which can be mentioned. Providing location can make your profile look more real and personal.

2. Post quality content

Now that your Twitter profile is ready next thing to do is to post quality content. If you are a business so obviously you will have to post photos of your products and services. Make sure the pictures are high quality. Now a days, videos are also in trend. So you can make a short video featuring your best seller or a new offer or special discounts etc. Your posts should be original and creative. They should be informative to your followers. Because if your followers like a product in your post then he or she will likely to check it out on your website.  

3. Twitter ad campaign

Advertisements are a vital part of Digital Marketing. On social media too it has its own importance. After you have set up your Twitter handle successfully, its time to run ads. Advertisements on Twitter helps in growing audience, promoting products, driving organic traffic to your site and more. You can promote your account or tweets to boost your engagement with your followers. It will also increase the visibility of your campaign. You can selectively target your audience by running ads on Twitter. You will reach the right audience plus you will be able to figure out which campaign is effective and which is not.

4. Using the right hashtag

Hashtags are an important part of Twitter. They increase the visibility of your tweets and ultimately of your handle as well. Now we can see them on every social media platform but their origin is Twitter. You should know where and how to use the right hashtag. That will boost your engagement and increase your discoverability. You need to

  • Use the right hashtag which is relevant to your product and industry as well. You can search the hashtag which is popular among followers of your competitors. That will give you an insight for your hashtag strategy.
  • Keep up with the trends. Latest trending topics will give the hashtags which will let new audience discover you. But you need to check the relevancy of the trending hashtag to your business as well.
  • Don’t stuff hashtags. Hashtags increase your visibility among the new audience but it does not mean that stuffing post with many hashtags will produce some magical results. Instead that looks so unreal and desperate. So avoid including multiple hashtags. Two to three hashtags are fair enough.

5. Run Twitter polls

This is a great way to know what is trending and in demand among the audience. This also provides you a way to engage with your followers. Twitter polls let you ask questions and offer up to four answers for that question. You can use Twitter polls to know what kind of product your audience wants from your brand. It should not necessarily be about business only. They can be simple and funny as well. These let you gather feedback regarding your product, it allow you to know your customer’s preferences and you can take product ideas from the audience through Twitter polls.

6. Respond to your followers

This is very important to do. When you post something about a product or about a special offer or anything. Your followers would like to know more about that, they can have doubts or queries regarding a post. So they will reply to your post, or they may also DM (Direct Message) you on Twitter. You should never ignore that. You must respond to your followers replies and messages. This creates more engagement and it builds a personal connection with the followers. This can increase your conversion rate as well. Having a conversation with your audience on a regular basis is very important. You need to take feedback and reviews regarding your products or services. This enhances your realness and credibility.

Wrapping up

This list can go on and on but these are the most important steps that you need to follow on Twitter in order to make your social media marketing successful. If you do it the right way, you will surely witness progress in your sales and brand awareness.  

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