If you are working in the field of Digital Marketing then you must be well aware of the importance of the SEO or Search engine optimization. SEO techniques are constantly changing and we don’t complain. Because Google is constantly changing the parameters it considers while ranking websites. Hence, SEO techniques needs to accommodate themselves accordingly. Drawing organic traffic to your website is not an easy thing to do. It requires a well planned SEO strategy and most important, patience because SEO takes time to produce results. So, if you are going to start with your SEO strategy you need to know few tactics. And if you are wondering what are those then don’t stress yourself. In this article I am going to discuss about few effective SEO tactics which you can implement to draw organic traffic to your site.

Let’s start

First of all lets quickly go through Search Marketing.

What is Search Marketing?

Search Marketing is associated with technique that helps a brand get necessary attention to appear on the search engine results page. The motive here is to appear in top search which helps get the website higher rankings and enhance search visibility so that more traffic is driven to a website.

Search marketing has two categories

  1. SEM: stands for Search Engine Marketing. It uses paid tactics to appear in search.
  2. SEO: stands for Search Engine Optimization. It uses organic tactics to appear in search.

Two words are common to both terms and that is, Search engine. The terminology seems same but the last word is what makes the difference.

This article will be dedicated to SEO only. Now lets briefly go through Search Engine optimization (SEO)

What is Search Engine optimization (SEO)?

SEO tactics

SEO which stands for Search Engine optimization is considered a part of search marketing that uses organic strategies to appear more in the search engine results page. In SEO, brands don’t pay for placements in search engine results page. Rather, brands use several tactics that instigate to show their content near the top of search engine results page because that particular result is relevant to the search.

SEO tactics to draw organic traffic

Now that we have briefly understood search engine optimization lets see some SEO tactics which can draw organic traffic to your site.

Lets get right into it

➨ Longer content

Content lies in the heart of SEO. Good content is what keeps the visitor on the site. Many studies have concluded that writing longer content can accommodate more backlinks which can be synonymous to more traffic and higher ranking. Longer content definitely improves your SEO but every post need not to be 2000 words long.

You have to decide the length of the content according to the keyword you are targeting. Some keywords need a 2000 word post and some don’t. For instance, If the user searches the keyword “Guide to digital marketing” then definitely it deserves a longer post while a keyword like “mistakes to avoid in digital marketing” will not need a longer content. So you have to decide on the basis of the keyword and what kind of information the user is looking for, for that particular keyword.

You can also refresh your old content. Time sensitive content needs to be updated from time to time. So if there is a new information that has come up on which you already have a related article, why don’t you just add that information in your old article and make it to 2000 words. That would be much better.

➨ Mobile friendly optimization

It is evident that majority of the searches take place on mobile phone. And it is also evident that number of mobile phone users have surpassed the number of desktop users. This is a huge audience you must not ignore.

Google also care about it now. In March 2020, Google officially announced that it will start considering level of mobile optimization as a critical parameter to rank the websites. The focus has now shifted wholly on user experience. If your site is not mobile friendly then definitely the users experience will not be great and this will impact your site ranking.

Hence, you need to focus on the mobile version of your website. Make sure it is well optimized and loads quickly on mobile phone.

➨ Optimize for voice search

Voice search has gained much popularity in the recent years. Smart speaker is the reality of today. People that have smart speakers like Amazon Echo or Google Home can’t go back to the old days without these devices. There are few differences between a text search and a voice search. For instance

  • A person looking for a weight loss method will text search simply ”Weight loss techniques”
  • While the same person will voice search “What are some weight loss technique to lose weight in a month” or “How to lose weight in a month” So the searches are different and hence our SEO tactic should be different too.
  • Plus these searches are locally based. For example a person looking for a Chinese restaurant will voice search “What are some good Chinese restaurant in my city”

The length of the searches differs for obvious reasons. In voice search the user tends to use a question to search as speaking long sentences is easier than typing them.

So, if you include voice search optimization in your SEO then it would produce very good results. For that

  • you have to use long tail keywords. For example, “How to… guides” “What are some…”
  • Second thing you have to do is use structured data. Because 40 percent of these voice search results come from featured snippets.

➨ Don’t ignore Technical SEO

Your strategy won’t work if you ignore technical aspects of SEO. You have to consider few advanced SEO techniques like

  • Make sure that your complete site loads on HTTPs. It is a ranking factor since 2014, so you can’t overlook it. Sites that loads entirely on HTTPs are considered as legitimate and secure.
  • You have to enable AMP for mobile. This will help you create a responsive, mobile optimized content which will improve your SEO.
  • Fix broken links ,404 errors by redirecting URLs. These errors can be very irritating for the user which will negatively impact your site performance.

➨ Target local searchers

Use of local searches are increasing day by day. It is important to give priority to local searches in listings and landing pages. You have to make sure the local searchers include the following aspects

  • Local shops
  • Address
  • Contact number
  • Opening hours

You have to make sure your landing pages are optimized for local searches. Your site should be listed in the local searches. For that you can use Google My business- it is a free to use listing service. And update the information whenever needed like your address, contact number, website etc.   

To wrap up

SEO needs special attention because it affects the traffic that is drawn to your site. It affects the ranking of your site. If your site is ranking higher then that is a good thing for your business. As higher traffic and higher ranking means higher conversion is taking place on your site which will increase your profits. So, carefully plan a SEO strategy using above mentioned tactics.

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