Are you witnessing drop in Google ranking of your website? In this article you will see some potential reasons and solutions for drop in Google ranking. Ranking higher is a sign that your website is gathering good amount of organic traffic. But drop in ranking can make things very difficult for you.

Let’s see some reasons and solutions of Google ranking drop

Reasons and solutions for drop in Google ranking

drop in Google ranking

Let’s jump into it

➽ Sudden website redesign

If you suddenly redesign your website, then it is possible that your website ranking may drop. This happens a lot. Whenever a website is redesigned its ranking falls.  


While redesigning website make sure the website should be well optimized. Ensure that 301 redirects are in place. Also you have to make sure that inbound links are working properly on your new website.  

➽ Algorithm Changes

Google frequently updates its Algorithm which sometimes can be large and unsettling. If the changes are large then it can affect the ranking negatively which you may see in the form of ranking drop. Most commonly the websites that aren’t compliant with the updates, see their site’s ranking dropped.


To deal with these changes effectively, you can use Google Webmaster guidelines. You should not follow any wrong tactics to increase the organic traffic on your site, Google does not like such malpractices. Follow effective, legitimate SEO tactics to draw organic traffic to your site.

➽ Loading speed of your site

This is one of the most important factor in Google ranking system. If you’re website loads slowly then definitely the ranking will drop. This is because Google cares about the users’ experience and slow loading website can not provide a good user experience to the audience. Hence, the ranking will drop.


So, only one way to avoid this is by making sure that your website loads speedily so that user get a good experience. You can use Google’s PageSpeed tool to check the loading speed of your site. You can track the progress your site is making.

➽ High bounce rate

This is one of the most important factor that affects the ranking of your site. If people leave your site within few seconds after entering it, then that will increase the bounce rate of your website. Higher the bounce rate, higher will be the drop in Google ranking.


Put out content that engages your customer more. Try to lower down the bounce rate of your site. Regularly measure the bounce rate of your site on Google Analytics.

➽ Copied content

Stop Doing it. If you put out copied content on your site then Google will not like it. As a result of which your site ranking will drop. Google does not want its user to feel cheated. It even penalizes websites who follow this practice.    


Put out content that is original and valuable. You can make it more engaging and interesting by adding infographics like images, short video clips, animations and even GIFs. Your content should be authentic. Providing high quality content improves the SEO of your website as well.

➽ You’re tracking the wrong rankings

If you are still using the outdated keywords, then Google will reduce your site ranking. Because the natural language comprehension ability has been improved. Now a days people are using more natural language.


Update your keyword strategy. Try to use more natural language in your keywords Search what your competitors are using.

➽ Using more spam links

If you have unnatural spam links on your website it will affect your ranking. Because these low quality links drops the ranking of your website. These links harm your website. They redirects the user to malicious sites. And Google may even penalize such websites.


Only natural and relevant links should be included in your website. Make sure to fix the broken links, 404 errors etc. Write original and authentic content and promote it well on social media.

To wrap up  

These reasons and solutions of Google ranking drop are very important to take into account every time you plan your marketing strategy. These things indicate that your site is not well optimized. In order to create a well optimized site, you need to deal with the reasons mentioned above.      

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