Traditional marketing used to be the king of marketing in the past but it is running out of business in present times. And Digital Marketing has acquired its place. We know the various forms of Digital Marketing like content marketing, social media marketing , search engine marketing and many more.

But there are some uncommon and less popular forms of marketing which not many people know. This is because they are not as commonly used as content marketing or other forms of marketing. But now we are seeing that many brands are using these less popular methods of Digital Marketing. In this article I will be talking about seven less popular methods of digital marketing which you should know.

7 Less popular methods of digital marketing

Digital Marketing

Below are seven less popular methods of digital marketing.

1. Video Marketing

When the content marketed is produced in a video format it is called video marketing. A video is created and posted on various online platforms like on the company’s website, YouTube and on other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. This is done to give a boost to brand awareness, to increase conversions and generate revenue. There are many apps that are used to analyze the leads that a company is getting.

2. Voice Marketing

Do you know Amazon Alexa, she is a great example of voice marketing. People can ask their doubts and queries to these voice search platforms. Now a days companies are including voice search in their digital marketing strategy. If your website is well optimized for voice search then it will help to draw organic traffic to your site.

3. Conversational Marketing

It is the art of influencing people by meeting them and having a one on one conversation with them. This includes live chat, emails, phone conversations, texts, Facebook messenger, WhatsApp messenger and more. The medium of communication is decided after figuring out the distribution of audience on various platforms.

For instance, more number of audience is available on Facebook then your priority should be connecting with them through Facebook messenger and along with that you will also connect with your audience via emails, texts and phone calls. This ensures a non-breakable chain of communication by using multiple channels so that you can shift between them. This method also rules out slow responses, internal mis-communication and loss of productivity.

4. Buzz Marketing

‘Viral’ term is always surfacing on the internet especially on social media. Regularly you can see a video or photograph going viral on the internet. So what happens before something goes viral. There is a whole marketing strategy behind it most of the times. Buzz means creating interest in a product or service by drawing attention of the people towards a particular product. For example, the new Apple macbook is creating a lot of buzz on the internet.

An environment of anticipation and Interest is created in this viral marketing strategy for a product, an event and taking help of influencers to create word-of-mouth marketing for the launch of the product. So, before an Apple’s macbook launch or a new Harley Davidson bike launch a buzz is created weeks before the actual date of launch by the marketers.

This works best when you collaborate with a social media influencer to promote and create a sense of suspense or excitement about the product. 

5. Stealth Marketing

In stealth marketing, a company hires famous celebrities or uses pseudonyms to promote their product or service where audience don’t realize that they are marketing the product to them. For instance, a business will hire a famous actor who will subtly promote the product to the audience, using sockpuppets and partnering with social media influencers to promote their products by posting it in such a way that the audience don’t realize that it is actually an ad.     

6. User generated Marketing

Opinion of the audience is really important when it comes to marketing a product. Big brands constantly conduct polls on social media about their new products and they ask for queries and customer’s feedback as well. In user-generated marketing, brands ask the audience for ideas, information and their opinions on social media or they run polls and contests to know how they can improve a particular product or what adjustments or changes they can make in a new product.

7. Persuasive Marketing

Have you watched that Samsung ad where the technician is trying to reach a remote place and when he make it to that place he finds out that the kids living there are blind and this must have made you emotional. It made me emotional when I first watched it. After watching that ad many people must have felt that Samsung is an amazing brand and it cares about its customers and provides them with the best after services which it does.

But the point here is that people connect with these types of ads. This is persuasive marketing. It utilizes people’s emotions to promote a product. People tend to continue with things they are emotionally associated with. So businesses take advantage of this aspect. They try to connect their product somehow with people’s emotions and sentiments to kind of persuade them to buy it.

To sum up

There are many other forms of marketing as well. It is not possible to use all of the forms of marketing because it demands time and manpower, which for a new business might not be possible. But you can try them sequentially and with the right planning.  

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