Everybody is keen to improve their visibility on the internet. Many are seeking shortcuts to boost their Google ranking.

Matter of fact is that SEO is more of a long game and anyone encouraging quick results should be met with a high level of skepticism

This article will break down the steps needed to boost your visibility in the Google search engine result pages (SERPs) or in other words, steps that will boost your Google ranking.

John Muller once stated that the improvement in your Google ranking takes time. Even if you make sudden drastic changes to your website it will take some time to reflect the improvement in ranking. He also mentioned that it is not advisable to sit back after you upgrade your site but you have to do continuous improvements in your site. Continuous improvement is essential to get your site that desired ranking.

If you are wondering how long does it take to show the results, then go through below mentioned stats which were concluded by a study conducted by Ahrefs

  • The average age of the page that ranked first was 2 years and the page that was in the top 10 was 3 years.
  • 22 percent of the pages that made it to top 10 were less than a year old.
  • For at least one keyword within a year, 6 percent pages made it to the top 10 search engine result page.

Now let’s see some tactics which you can use to boost the Google ranking of your site.

6 proven tactics to boost Google ranking

Google ranking

1. Make your website mobile friendly

This is one of the most ignored part of SEO. Businesses do not focus on the mobile version of their site. It is evident that the number of mobile phone users have taken over the number of desktop users. Then how can anyone even think to ignore such massive audience. Do not make that mistake. You need to make sure that your website is responsive and mobile friendly.

Google has set the record straight that it considers level of optimization of your site on mobile phone as a factor while ranking websites. Websites are now being ranked based on their performance on mobile phone. If your site does not provide a good user experience then you may observe a dip in ranking.

In order to give a good user experience to your visitor you have to use a responsive website design. Your website should be smooth and fast loading. The links should be clearly visible. The site must be clearly visible and easy to navigate on the mobile phone. The user experience should be same across all the platforms.

2. Your website should load quickly

This is another major factor which affects the Google ranking. In this new era of 5G, audience wants high speed browsing experience on the internet. Similarly, your website should be fast loading. If your site’s loads slowly then you will lose many visitors. Your site should load quickly as people expect a loading time of 3 to 4 seconds. There are some ways you can use to improve the loading speed of your site like

  • reducing the size of images and videos
  • optimizing website for mobile
  • a better hosting service etc.
  • Your website will rank higher when it loads speedily.

3. Share content on social media

Social media is a great platform where you can reach a massive audience all around the world. Social media provides great visibility to your content. This increases the organic traffic on your website which will eventually increase the ranking of your site.

Website traffic is synonymous to ranking, more the traffic, higher the ranking. People may also share your content if they find your content helpful which will ultimately increase the traffic and ranking of your site.

4. Add voice search feature

Who wants to type when a search can be made simply by speaking. It is evident that voice search is very popular among audience. If we go by the report of GlobalWebIndex, 20 percent people online use voice search at least once a month. These voice searches helps the user in finding your content easily and then they will not leave your site early. This will directly contribute to your site’s ranking.

Optimize your content with phrases and keywords the users are using or may use. Think  from your user’s perspective. People prefer to use conversational phrases, they will not speak what they search in the search engine. So instead of saying ‘best Italian  restaurant near me’ they will say ‘what are some best Italian restaurants in my area?’ So try to make your voice search feature conversation optimized.   

5. Produce high quality content

A visitor will not stay on your site for long if he does not find the content useful and helpful. You have to make sure that the content you are publishing should be high quality and authentic. Your content should be informative and valuable. This aspect is important because content contain keywords which affects the visibility of your site. You need to keep few things in mind before writing content

  • Write longer content. It should be at least 1000 words long. Definitely the number of words depend on the topic. If the topic is very broad then your content should be long. The bottomline here is all the necessary information should b included in your content
  • Make sure there are no grammatical errors and no tyops. Use quality words but they should be easy to understand and not those from the big fat dictionary
  • Add images and some infographics to make your content engaging and interesting
  • Don’t overdo the keywords
  • The keywords should be relevant to the content.

6. Attach links properly

Links are an important part of every SEO. They affects the ranking as well. Add links form quality websites. Include high quality internal links. Having great inbound links will enhance the ranking of your site. Do not follow any bad practices like buying links you may get penalized for that. Remove all the internal and external broken links because they negatively affects the users experience which will downgrade your rank.

To wrap up

All the above mentioned points are important to consider while preparing SEO strategy. If your website does not align with these points then you will see a dip in your Google rank. So make sure you tackle all of these aspects and provide a good experience to the user. Together all these points will boost your Google ranking.

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