Images are an important part of our websites. Their prevalence can be easily observed on the internet specially on the social media. Images are an essential part of Digital marketing strategy because products and services are presented through images. Pictures brings more traffic to the website. So by choosing the best image for your website you can bring customers to your business.

I know it can be a bit difficult to choose the best image for your website. If you want to know how you can choose the best image for your website then continue reading this article till the very end.

Choosing the best image for your website

best image for your website

Let’s see what are the important points that you need to keep in mind while choosing an image for your site. Lets jump right in

➽ Choose high quality images

A blurred, low quality image will never attract the visitors. You should always choose high quality images which should be appealing to the user. The perfect image would be the one with large pixels and high resolution. You need to ensure that the size of the image is just right and it is clearly visible on the web and mobile phone as well. Its appearance on the mobile phone is important as well because many users are browsing your website on their mobile phones. This improves the overall SEO of your site.

➽ Strong Call to Action (CTA)

An attractive and high quality image is incomplete without a strong Call to Action (CTA). hence, a strong Call to Action should be attached with the image. If you are selling clothes online or maybe food the pictures are the best place to add Call to Action. For example, you are giving two choices of denims to your customers then put a Call to Action with them, so the customers can choose the one they like.

Call to Action is a crucial part of a site specifically for e-commerce websites. They are full of different products so images are necessary to showcase those products be it clothes, shoes, gadgets etc. So adding the right Call to Action can draw huge traffic to the website and eventually increase the conversion.

➽ Images should be relevant to your brand

All the images that you put on your website should be relevant to your brand’s products. If you are selling clothes then the pictures of all of the types of clothes that you are selling should be put on the website. They should portray the values of your brand. They should be appealing to the eye of the user. The image should align with your brand.

➽ Showcase real people

One thing i like to know whenever i purchase clothes online is how they will look on me. Hence, showcasing real people can be of great help to customers like me. You can put images of actual people wearing those clothes. This is a great method to increase the conversion rates.

For instance, if you are selling shoes then you can hire models and showcase their pictures wearing your brand’s shoes. When people get an idea of how the product will look like in real the chances of their conversion increases.

➽ Right image file type

Choosing the right image file type is very necessary for a website. The two most famous are

  • JPGs: these are used for photographs because they create a small file size without damaging the quality of the image. The small size does not affect the loading speed of the site in a negative way.
  • PNGs: these are mainly used for images that are mostly graphics, infographics, with large font and logos. They support transparent background as well. 24 bit is the best format to save the PNG image.

➽ Optimize images for SEO

Regardless of anything, images need to be optimized for SEO. In addition to good looking images, they need to be easy to index in the search results by search engines. Name the file correctly allowing the search engines to find them easily. The name of the image should be the product it is showing, for example, if it is a picture of a pair of black shoes then don’t name the image as “Img123” instead just name what is in the picture “Black-shoes”, don’t use any space or punctuation.

You can use Hyphens. Next important thing while naming the image is Alt text, it is a short description of what the image is showing. It is not visible to the site users but it helps the search engines in surfacing the most relevant results.

Wrapping up

The importance of image on a website needs no more explanation. Putting the right image on your site is of utmost importance. Just keep these points in mind while you choose the best image for your website.

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