The success of a website can be determined by the amount of time the visitors spend on the site. If the visitor leaves site within 10 to 15 seconds then that is not a good sign and it increases the bounce rate of the website. If a website has a low bounce rate then it indicates that the visitors are spending more time on a site. It is really important for any brand to make sure that their visitors are staying on their site for longer duration.

If you are witnessing a higher bounce rate on your site then there must be some issues that your site might be having. It can be really disappointing to observe the high bounce rate of your site. Don’ stress yourself too much. In this article I am going to talk about some methods that you can try to keep your visitors on your site for longer duration.

9 Methods you can use to keep the visitors on your site

visitors on your site

Below are listed nine methods that you can use to keep your visitors on your site for longer duration.

Let’s jump right into it

1. First Impression

We all know “First impression is the last impression” if your website can’t make that good first impression then you will lose your visitors within seconds. Within first 15 seconds the visitor will decide whether he wants to stay or leave. So you need to make sure that your site does not let the visitor leave. If your site looks too complex then visitor will get confused or unable to figure out the site. Make sure that your site is simple and easy to figure out. It should be well organized and well planned out.

2. Navigation of site

This factor is related to the previous one. If your website is complex or disorganized then it would be difficult to navigate. Visitors will get confused. Hence, you need to make sure that your site is easy to navigate and easy to browse. The links should be easy to locate. Visitors will only stay on your site if it is easily navigable.

3. Quality of the content

This is another major factor that affects the time spent on the site by the visitor. If your site has thin low quality content then the visitor will not think twice before leaving your site. Websites that produce high quality and original content are able to keep their visitors on site. Make sure you only put out quality and authentic content. The content should provide the valuable information the user is looking for.

4. Structure of content

Besides the quality of the content, structure of content is also very important. It should look appealing to the eyes of the visitor. A big catchy headline will definitely grab the attention of the user. The body of the content should be broken up into parts as well as the headings should be divided into sub headings. The sentences should be well spaced and the font and size of the text should be clearly visible and readable as well.

5. Include media

All text content can bore the audience. It would be better to add some images, infographics or animations to the text. You can also add short videos. It will increase the level of engagement with the audience. Graphical representation attracts the visitors more. People like to gather knowledge in the form of visual content.

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6. Loading speed of the site

This is a major reason why people leave site early. The visitors expects a site to load within 3 to 4 seconds if it takes longer than that, visitors will not wait for it to open and they will hit that back button. You need to make sure that your site loads speedily so that you don’t lose those visitors.

7. Mobile optimization

This should be in the priority list of website development. But unfortunately web developers overlook this factor. We are well aware the massive amount of mobile phone users. They are more than desktop users. You can’t lose this huge audience because if your site is not responsive on mobile phone then that will be a disadvantage for you. Hence, it should be your priority to optimize your site for mobile phone. Make sure your site is responsive and mobile friendly.

8. Live chatbot

Another major reason people leave sites early is they are unable to find the information they are looking for or they don’t want to spend their time in browsing the entire site. So they need something that can provide them with the information quickly. Here, live chatbots comes into picture. They have been proved to be very fruitful. Many businesses are employing them. They provide all the information real time within seconds.

9. Feedback and reviews

It is necessary to listen to the feedback of the audience. If a user faces any issue on your site and leave your site early you would never know the reason behind it. So having a section for review and feedback can prove to be very helpful. You would be aware about the shortcomings in your site.

Especially for an e-commerce website, review section is very important. You should know what the audience is liking and what they aren’t liking. Feedback and reviews will also make them stay on your site for longer duration. It will build a section of loyal customers because they know that you are going to listen to what they want and what they don’t want on your site.

To wrap up

If you follow all the above mentioned methods then you can make a lot of progress. You will observe reduction in the bounce rate of your site. Above factors all together will make your site more engaging and appealing. Overall, your site will provide a good user experience which will ensure that your visitors aren’t leaving early.

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