Are you looking for ways to reduce the bounce rate of your site? Then this article is for you. Reducing the bounce rate can be little challenging. However, if you know certain ways that you can employ then you can reduce the bounce rate of your website. In today’s article, I am going to discuss ways you can use to reduce the bounce rate of your site.

What is bounce rate?

Bounce rate tells us the percentage of visitors that leave a webpage without taking any action like filling the form, clicking on a link, subscribing to the newsletter etc. If visitors leave a site within 10 to 20 seconds after landing on it then the bounce rate of that site will increase. On the other hand, if visitors are spending a good amount of time on a site and they are taking action like they are filling a form or clicking on link then the bounce rate of that site will reduce.

bounce rate of your site

Having a low bounce rate for your website is really important because it influences the Google’s search rankings. Bounce rate is a crucial part of a site’s SEO. If your site’s bounce rate is consistently high then you will observe a dip in your site search ranking. This is due to the fact Google prefers to rank those sites that gives good user experience to the visitor. Since a high bounce rate indicates a poor user experience then ultimately the Google search ranking of your site will fall.

So how can we make sure that the bounce rate of our site remains low. Let’s see ways that are very helpful in reducing the bounce rate.

Let’s dig right into it

How you can reduce the bounce rate of your site?

Below are listed ways you can employ to reduce the bounce rate of your website. Let’s take a look at them one by one

➜ Optimize loading speed

This is a misconception that a low bounce rate is due to the low quality content which is true to a certain extent but the loading speed of the site is equally responsible for the high bounce rate. According to an online survey, 47 percent of the users expects a webpage to open within 3 seconds. Therefore, if your site takes more time to load then you will definitely see a increase in bounce rate of your site. So make sure your site loads within 3 seconds. On-page optimization is very crucial to reduce the bounce rate. The primary cause of shopping cart abandonment on e-commerce sites is this slow loading of the site.

➜ Clear Call to Action

When a visitor lands on your webpage you can prompt them to take action by including one clear Call to Action. If you stuff your page with too many CTAs then visitor is more likely to get confused and as a result of which he might leave the site without taking any action. You want the visitor to do what you want so in order to do that you need to have a single Call to Action. The CTA should be clear and relevant as well.  

➜ Internal linking

This is very similar to the previous point. Adding too many internal links can do more harm than good. Well this strategy can work sometimes as it provides Analytics with that essential second click to precisely measure time on page. But other times It can look really cheap, awful and spammy as well. Putting dozens of internal links can irritate the visitor very quickly and easily as sometimes the links are not even relevant.

Main thing you have to focus on while internal linking is relevance. If you actually have a post that provides some in-depth knowledge about a topic you are writing on then surely you can insert link to that post in your content. The links should be relevant otherwise they will confuse and overwhelm the visitors and they will leave the site which will enhance the bounce rate of your site.

➜ Optimize for mobile phone

This is another important factor that you need to work on. This factor should be prioritized during the web development process. Overlooking mobile optimization can be very damaging for your site. With the number of mobile phone users overtaking the number of desktop users if you haven’t optimized your website for mobile phone then the bounce rate will increase. This is because most of the people are not accessing web pages on their mobile phones. So you need to make your website mobile-friendly in order to reduce the bounce rate.

➜ Quality of content

As previously mentioned quality of the content does affect the bounce rate. If your site is filled with thin, low quality content then the visitors will not find any valuable information they are looking for. Due to which they will leave the site without taking any action so you need to provide them high quality , original content. Your content should be informative and valuable to the visitor.

➜ Easy to navigate site

Now a days visitors are so lazy and uninterested to browse and evaluate a site. You need to spoon feed everything to them. You need to first think what they will be thinking when they land on your page. And you need to give them all they would want before them so that they don’t have to travel the entire site to find what they want.

Make your site’s navigation as effortless as possible. Your website navigation should be clear, immediately understood, and offer the user a seamless experience in getting from one part of your site to another. Visitors shouldn’t have to guess where they are in your website to know how to get around, and they shouldn’t be forced into artificial pathways that you’ve put in place to shepherd them through your sales funnel.


A low bounce rate is necessary for a business. Low bounce means more action and more action may possibly mean more conversion. Thus, if you make sure all these above mentioned points are in proper place then you can reduce the bounce rate of your website.

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