Instagram, as we know, is not a place of mere communication but it has transformed into a marketing place. Brands are increasing their social media presence on Instagram specifically. Why Instagram? Because as we know it is a visual medium. Humans process visual information more easily in comparison to textual information. Brands can easily showcase their products on Instagram. Plus it has over a Billion users which makes it even more beneficial. A new business trying to make its place on Instagram can attempt traffic-killing mistakes. Hence, today I am going to talk about six mistakes you must avoid on Instagram.

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6 Mistakes to avoid on Instagram

Mistakes Instagram

1. Abuse of hashtag

This is one of the common mistakes people make on Instagram. If used correctly, hashtags can be really powerful. The motive of hashtags is to increase your visibility so that users can easily find you. Somewhere between 5 to 10 hashtags are perfectly fine. But it gets really irritating when people use tons of hashtags that are totally irrelevant to the post.

And for a business, it is really important that you should not ruin your quality content by abusing hashtags that will make it look real messy, cluttered and unprofessional. The important thing to keep in mind is to use only the relevant hashtags that are related to your post. That will bring the right traffic to you. Using the right hashtag is like using the right SEO strategy. We can say hashtags work like keywords.

2. Fake likes and followers

This can be the biggest mistake for your business. On the outside it may look like you are doing good because you have thousands of followers and likes. But having fake likes and fake followers will not increase your engagement and conversions. It is very obvious for anyone to know that something is wrong when you have tons of followers but zero engagement. So avoid doing that. Never buy likes, comments or followers, that will only downgrade your brand’s image.

3. Bad content

As I mentioned earlier that Instagram is a visual medium. People like to see beautiful and cool stuff. If you keep posting bad content then nobody will keep up with your posts. Hence, it is important that you post amazing, compelling and interesting content. If you regularly post pictures of your products it becomes even more important. The product photos should be top notch quality otherwise nobody would like it.

Whatever content you post on Instagram be it pictures or videos, it should be crystal clear and high quality. For good quality images you can take pictures in natural light setting. Make sure you are consistent with your visual styling.

4. Not posting regularly

When you have chosen Instagram to promote your products and services, it is necessary for you to post regularly, just the right amount. This is because if you go days without posting anything your followers might think you have abandoned your account. And on the other hand, if you are posting non-stop then you will come across as very desperate and spammy. So try to post regularly but not too much. To manage your amount of posting you can create a content calendar. You can schedule your post and keep track of what has been done.

5. Not engaging with followers

Do not ignore when followers take out their time to comment on your posts. You will be losing a great opportunity by doing that. An opportunity to talk to your followers, to build a personal connection with them. By responding to people’s comments and messages you are building a deeper connection which will make them come back again. These conversations with your followers increases the engagement so you can drop some engaging comments. Use this opportunity to enhance the interaction with your followers who might turn into your loyal customers.

6. Not tracking the Analytics

This is another common mistake that people make. Without tracking the metrics and Analytics how would you know what is working and what is not. And if you don’t know what is not working then you would not be able to correct it which will not help you in anyway. Only by tracking the Analytics you can make significant improvements. You can improve Instagram strategy by removing stuff that’s not working and keeping what is working. These improvements enhances the overall engagement. Hence, you must never ignore the Analytics.

To wrap up

When it comes to social media it can be both heaven and hell. The outcome depends on your strategy. By avoiding the above mentioned mistakes and following the right practices like never buying followers and likes, putting out great content, measuring the Analytics you can make sure that you will take your business to new heights.

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