Are you marketing your business on Facebook? If yes then you must know 6 Facebook mistakes that I am going to mention in today’s article which should be avoided at all costs.

Facebook can be an integral asset for companies to utilize when they need to connect with both existing and possible clients. In any case, there is an enormous potential for companies to utilize it the incorrect way and cut off their clients.

Because of the mind-boggling amount of content shared on Facebook consistently, it very well may be overwhelming to attempt to stand apart from the group. That desire frequently drives companies and organizations to commit Facebook mistakes.

Let’s see what are those 6 Facebook mistakes that every business should avoid

Let’s jump right in

6 Facebook mistakes to avoid

Facebook mistakes

1. Frequency of posting

First mistake is related to the frequency of posting on Facebook. Both extremes can lead to negative consequences. If you scarcely at any point post to Facebook, you likely have a little, unengaged audiences, however, if you post too excessively, you risk bothering your fans to the point that they unlike your page. While there is not really a one-size-fits-all recipe, its critical to discover out your posting sweet post. Hence, you need to figure out the right frequency of your posting according to your industry. For instance, a news industry will post too frequently, on the other hand a celebrity might not post too often.

2. Just posting about yourself

Yes it is true that if you post only self-promotional content then it might alienate your followers. It will bore your followers. Surely, you are on Facebook to promote your business but overdoing it sometimes can prove to be a mistake. So post different types of content and not just about your business. You can post about trending news, interesting content or any helpful article. For instance, if you sell makeup products then you can share beginners makeup tutorials or How-to guides and stuff like that.

3. Showing desperation to make a sale

No doubt, the ultimate goal of any Digital Marketing strategy is to make sales. But on social media if you just focus on selling your products then you seems very desperate. Yes, you can use Facebook to talk about your products or what you are selling. But pushing your audience too much to buy your products can not be productive.

Facebook users use this platform to get the information on various products, problems and solutions related to the product rather than actually buying it. Therefore, you should focus more on providing useful information regarding your products, tell your audience how your products or services going to solve their problems. That will make your followers to check out your product. Don’t make yourself a spam in the email inbox.

4. Sharing only textual content

As you must be aware of the fact that Facebook is a visual platform. People these days do not like plain text content. Text posts usually get ignored by Facebook users. Since it is a visual medium, people prefer to see pictures and videos. Visual content like photos and videos catch people’s attention more. So you can post photos and videos, keep in mind video should be short usually under 2 minutes. Besides that, whatever photo you share make sure they are high quality and relevant. Posting irrelevant content will confuse your followers. Post only relevant content.

5. Ignoring people’s responses

Social media is the best platform because it provides you the opportunity to connect with your followers. But companies forget that interacting with followers is as much important as posting about your products. Use Facebook to interact with your followers. Don’t ignore their responses. Try to respond to their comments or messages. Another thing is you can ask your followers to give their ideas or feedback on products. So keep the conversation going. In addition to that, you should have a social media expert who will monitor all the comments and messages, to deal with hate comments or spam comments.

6. Posting content without a goal

Many companies feel the strain to “keep posting something” without setting aside the effort to choose precisely what they want to get out of that post, or their general Facebook marketing strategy. Before you choose to share information on your Facebook page, pause for a minute to think why you are posting.

Would you like to keep your business “top of mind” when audience consider your industry? Perhaps you want to promote a specific event or urge your followers to subscribe to your newsletter. Regardless of your objective, you need to have it clearly defined before you begin posting on Facebook. Else you will not have the option to tell if the content you are sharing is having the ideal impact on your audience.

Wrapping up

Facebook can prove to be the best thing for your business if you just don’t make these mistakes mentioned above. By avoiding these mistakes and following the right practices you can grow your website traffic and increase your conversion rates. Facebook is not a one-sided platform. You have to constantly stay in people’s minds by interacting with them on a daily basis, then only you would be able to convert your prospects.

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