How to launch a Brand Awareness Campaign?

Brand awareness relates to how memorable your brand or company is to your target consumers. It refers to how quickly people remember your brand when they hear or see your company name or emblem. How can you raise brand awareness, especially if your company is brand new? That’s how, with […]

Smart Ways to Use Twitter for Business

Founded in 2006, Twitter has now become the go-to place for users to find out what is happening all around the world. No matter what field you are interested in- sports, politics, entertainment, celebrities or anything, you will find the latest updates of that area on Twitter. Besides being a […]

Steps to Create a Top Notch LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

Though LinkedIn was started as a platform for job-seekers and job-providers in 2003. Over the years, it has transformed itself into a business networking website. It is very popular among the business community. LinkedIn has become one of the best business marketing tools. So, to get a competitive edge over […]

How social media affects SEO?

The importance of social media for promotion of a brand and their products is well evident. But did you know social media affect your digital marketing efforts as well? And within digital marketing social media affects SEO specifically. Social media provides many benefits on its own but also aids the […]

Which is best for branding Twitter or Facebook?

A good branding strategy is vital for every business. Regardless of how quality products you have, if you don’t do the branding of those products, you won’t be able to make an identity of your brand. Today, when we are moving from conventional methods of marketing to Digital Marketing, social […]

9 Creative post ideas to try on Instagram

Social media is no longer a place of connecting with people all over the world. It has turned into a very great place for promotion of business and individuals. It has become a vital part of Digital Marketing strategy of every business operating on social media. One platform which has […]

6 Mistakes you must avoid on Instagram

Instagram, as we know, is not a place of mere communication but it has transformed into a marketing place. Brands are increasing their social media presence on Instagram specifically. Why Instagram? Because as we know it is a visual medium. Humans process visual information more easily in comparison to textual […]

6 Facebook mistakes you should avoid

Are you marketing your business on Facebook? If yes then you must know 6 Facebook mistakes that I am going to mention in today’s article which should be avoided at all costs. Facebook can be an integral asset for companies to utilize when they need to connect with both existing […]

Powerful Facebook Marketing tips you must know

No matter how many social media platforms have come up in recent times Facebook still stands at the top. And why not. It has maximum number of monthly active users. This platform has modified from being a place of communication to a place of marketing. Yes. Social media marketing is […]

How to employ Twitter for social media marketing?

If you are looking to start social media marketing for your business then you can choose Twitter for that. It is the perfect place for any business to grow. Twitter has over 300 million active users which makes it a great reservoir of customers. But there are many famous brands […]