No matter how many social media platforms have come up in recent times Facebook still stands at the top. And why not. It has maximum number of monthly active users. This platform has modified from being a place of communication to a place of marketing. Yes. Social media marketing is a legit thing now. Many brands are trying to make their presence on social media because it does benefit them a lot. Facebook marketing is said to be the most beneficial because of the huge number of its users.

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If you are running a business and have not tried Facebook marketing, this article is for you. Just continue reading this article as I have discussed about some powerful Facebook Marketing tips you must know to carry out your Facebook marketing successfully and effectively.

Let’s jump right in

Facebook marketing tips you must know

Facebook Marketing

Below are mentioned some Facebook Marketing tips you must know

➽ You need a business profile

This is the most important aspect of Facebook marketing for a business. What most new businesses do is they create personal profile on Facebook which is absolutely wrong. You are a business you need to have a business profile. There are some categories out of which you have to select one because you are making a profile under a specific category.

So let’s say, you are a local business then you will select ‘local business or place’ category or if you are a company then you will select ‘company, organization or Institution’ category or if you are a solo artist like a makeup artist then you will have to choose ‘Artist, band or public figure’ category. So according to the kind of your business or designation you will choose the category.

➽ Optimize the images

The best way to market a product is by showing product photos. And Facebook is all about that. You will be sharing photos of your products and services. You must ensure that you always use high quality photos because Facebook is highly visual and you can showcase your brands personality through photos. Tell your followers what do you do, what your brand is all about. Besides that, you need to have the right profile photo. Generally for a brand, the logo is the best thing to put as their profile picture. Also choose the right cover photo.

➽ Post visual content

Since Facebook is a visual medium. It is very obvious to post visual content. And by visual I don’t mean just photos but video content is also great to post. Video content is very popular on social media. Since you are running a business, you can post videos of your products and services, you can explain your services in the videos or you can post special offers in the form of short video clips. Videos are the best way to boost engagement with the audience. You can also try Facebook live which is quite popular these days.

➽ User-generated content

It is the content created by your customers on Facebook. This is a great way to promote brand loyalty as customers wants their brands to know them. So either you can ask your customers to share their experience with your products on Facebook or if they already have then you can share their post on your page with their permission. This increases customers engagement with your brand and it also let them feel included and recognized.

➽ Don’t forget to add to Facebook story

Facebook story is another important part of Facebook. You post professional content on your profile. But with Facebook story you can post some off professional and casual posts. They need not to be brand specific. First, it boosts the engagement and second it allow you to show your audience a new side of your brand.

➽ Analyze your content using Facebook Page Insights

Fine you are posting quality content but if you do not measure the progress of it then there is no room for improvement. Facebook Page Insights is the best tool to monitor the metrics, to find developments in engagement and to track the progress of posts; which post is succeeding and which is not. Facebook Page Insights gives you a screenshot of the last seven days of your page performance from which you can measure likes you gathered for your page, views on your page and number of people who engaged with your posts. With this tool you can also get the information on the likes, comments and shares on your posts.

➽ Collaborate with influencers on Facebook

This is an another effective method to boost your likes and engagement. You can collaborate with various social media influencers on Facebook. It increases your brand visibility and reach. The influencer will promote your brand and its products and in return you can monetarily compensate them according to the progress they make. Collaborating with someone who already knows how promotion works you can benefit your marketing a lot.

To wrap up

Social media is THE place to go for marketing. Specifically with Facebook marketing you need to have a collaborative approach. Trying various techniques will overall improve your brand awareness and profits made. Keep your marketing goals in your mind. There should be a intent behind every post. Nothing should be done just for the sake of it. You need to be careful with everything because there are thousands and million of competitors out there competing for the same goal.  

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