It is a no brainer that the success of an online business depends on the user experience of the website. I mean would you continue to shop from a brand which does not provide good customer services in general, of course not. It is natural of your customers to expect you to give them a good user experience. Hence, If the site is not able to give a good enough user experience to the visitor then the conversion may not happen. Business will lose so many potential customers.

Therefore, it is necessary to take a look at the kind of user experience your website gives to the visitor as they are putting their money and trust in you so you can not afford to let them down. So, if you are also struggling with this issue then bear with me as in today’s article I am going to talk about some ways that you can use to enhance the user experience on your website.

Before getting into that let’s have a look at some advantages of a good user experience

  • If you’re website is able to give a good user experience to your customers then the first advantage you can observe getting is lower bounce rates. Yes. You will see a reduction in the bounce rate of your website.
  • Second advantage of good user experience is higher conversion rates. This is the percentage of people who make a purchase on your site. Good user experience will get you high conversions.
  • Third and often overlooked aspect of marketing is audience’s sentiment towards your brand. A good user experience will make audience have a positive sentiment towards your brand. Getting high conversions is great but the main focus of every business should be on building a section of loyal customers. Because your happy customers become your regular customers.  

Now let’s have a look at some ways which can enhance the user experience on your website.

Let’s jump right into it

Ways to enhance user experience on your website

enhance user experience

➽ Your site needs a clear Call to Action (CTA)

It is easy to forget about Call to Action when you focus too much on the look of the website. Though the look of the website is important. One thing that is also important to have on website is a clear and compelling Call to Action (CTA). CTA can be any link, button, form etc. They are added to engage the user on the website. For instance, you can link your services page from your home page or it can be an online tool to fix an appointment. Most commonly CTA are used to send the visitors to contact us page.

Few Call to Action ideas you may use

  • A CTA can be added for login.
  • Link to subscribe to the news letter or blogs.
  • A form can be put for the visitor to fill.
  • Link of contact us page.
  • Quality links from other sites related to a post which should be relevant.
  • A link to schedule an appointment.

Each one of them should send user to where he wants to go. Because they will not browse the entire site to find what they are looking for. So you need to make sure that they can find what they want by putting various CTA.

➽ Look and visibility of the text

Another important method that can make a big difference in the user experience on your site. Web designers should devote a considerable amount of time to this process because surely your website looks attractive and pretty but if the text of the page is not clearly visible then you wouldn’t be able to provide a good user experience to your customers. You can make it easy for your visitors to figure out the text by focusing on the typography, size and color of the font, layout. These elements influences the ability of the user to make out your website, if he can’t he will most likely to leave your website. Hence you need to make sure

  • The text does not look complicated and hard to read. Also you should not use bright colors they strain the eyes. Use color and font combination that makes the text easy to understand and read.
  • Your website layout should be clean and simple. The most common cocktail is to have white background and plain black text.
  • Use text font which can be easily seen without zooming in the page.
  • Maintain a healthy contrast between the background and the color of the text. Darker background goes best with lighter text.
  • Segment the content in bullet points. It gives an illusion to the visitor and it also appeals them to actually read the text.

➽ Get rid of elements responsible for slowing down your website

Most common reason of higher bounce rate is the slow loading speed of the website. You will increase the bounce rate of your website by 50 percent if it takes 2 more seconds to load. There are many factors that could be causing this slowness of your website

  • Incorrect file format
  • Poorly compressed files
  • Size of the image is too large
  • Poorly coded plugins
  • Embedded videos
  • Compression of image not proper
  • An insufficient web hosting server

There are many tools you can use to tackle these culprits. Properly compress and optimize your image for web.

➽ Website is not optimized for mobile phone

You may have a responsive website that works well on the web but it is not enough when you are running your business online. You must be aware of the fact that most of the customers all over the world uses their mobile phones to do online shopping. And if your site is not responsive on mobile phone then you will lose those customers. Nobody likes to zoom pages on their mobile phones to read a text or to click on a button that is too small to see. Make your site responsive by following the below mentioned ways

  • Ensure that the size of the text is easy to understand and read on a small device. You don’t want to make your visitors zoom in.
  • A vertical navigation pane would be the best for mobile screen. It will make your site easy to navigate and browse.
  • Size of the mobile screen is small so stuffing page with various elements will make it look all over the place. Your customer will not be able to make out your website because your page is so cluttered that it would confuse the visitors. So focus on a single aspect on each page.
  • The size of the forms should not be very large. Do not add too many unnecessary fields in the form. It will frustrate the user. Include a function that auto generates the correct keyboard for the field of the form.

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➽ Fix 404s and broken links

It can be so annoying when you are trying to purchase something online and you land on a page with 404 error page. While Google does not take any step against this issue but it hampers your user’s experience on your website. So fix all the 404s and broken links on your website as that will improves the user experience on your website. You can set up Google Webmaster tools to check if you have any 404 errors. You can provide the option to go back when your user land on a page with 404s.

Wrapping up

Perfect web development is not an easy road. There are variety of issues you have to handle during it. Here, brands should start investing in the online aspect of their business. Because there are many well-established competitors so you have to be ahead of them in order to make your place. Follow above mentioned ways to enhance the user experience on your website.  

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