Social media is no longer a place of connecting with people all over the world. It has turned into a very great place for promotion of business and individuals. It has become a vital part of Digital Marketing strategy of every business operating on social media. One platform which has become everybody’s favorite is Instagram.

Individuals are making a great many posts regularly on Instagram. Each Instagram user is befuddled about what are the distinctive sort of posts they can take a stab at Instagram which will make their content really fascinating and engaging. Posting same sort of content regularly will make your content look dull and exhausting. To not lose your audience and to acquire more followers it is important to endeavor various types of post ideas on Instagram.

9 Creative post ideas to try on Instagram

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In this article I will be sharing with you all 9 types of creative post ideas that you can try on your Instagram

Let’s jump right in

1. Share your artistic work

It’s implied that assuming you are an artist, social media is the best stage for you to show your ability. So whatever you make, attempt to share it with your followers. In the event that you love cooking; share some ‘How to make’ recordings or formula on Instagram or possibly you are a vocalist or an artist; share video of you doing that. In the event that you are an author share your stories or sonnets with them. This will draw in similar individuals and it will likewise fabricate a personal deeper association with them.

2. BTS

No I am not talking about BTS the Korean band. BTS is Behind-the-scenes. Each follower needs to perceive what goes behind the camera of a video shoot. They love seeing bloopers. This is another intriguing thought you can take a stab at Instagram. You can share some videos of behind the scenes from your shoot.

This will make individuals see that you are also ordinary as they may be. ‘Relatable’ is an exploited hashtag nowadays. Individuals like something they can identify with. So in the event that your behind the scenes have some idiotic and quirky moments, it merits imparting to them. This shows your realness and authenticity which is elusive nowadays.

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3. Exercise routine videos

Everyone is cognizant about their well being nowadays. Wellness routine recordings have seen an enormous leap on YouTube. This pattern has likewise reached on Instagram. Superstars share their exercise session recordings. Numerous wellness mentors are acquiring a large number of supporters just by posting some fitness tips. It is a protected theme to take a stab at Instagram.

You can post your fitness recordings however ensure that it ought to connect with your followers. Assuming you post a video of a gym, it probably won’t draw in each follower of you. Now a days individuals are searching for stuff they can do in their home easily. So assuming you post a few fitness routines that can be effectively done in home, it will draw in much more individuals.

4. Beauty video tutorials

This is another region which is on trend these days on each social media stage. Beauty vloggers share their makeup schedules. You can attempt something similar, assuming you like doing makeup, you can share little clasps of you doing that. You can likewise share a few hints and tricks of doing makeup. Acclaimed cosmetics brands are extravagant. So it would be a good thought to share a video mentioning to individuals what are a few brands that fit under budget. You can review a brand item that you attempted.

5. Spread the word

Today when we are effectively discussing mental and passionate well being. Individuals are going to online medium to get some inspiration and motivation to traverse those unpleasant days. In this cycle, quotes truly help; possibly for few moments, yet they do. Individuals look for expectation and great energies everywhere on the web. So it is extraordinary to spread some inspiration and uplifting tones with your followers.

Offer some quotations of well known individuals or you may make one yourself. You can also share your positive contemplations. You can share your difficult stretches and how you overcame them. In the event that you have combat any psychological instability like nervousness, depression, or any mental health issue you can share that experience and how you managed it. This will draw in those quiet adherents who are managing these passionate and psychological wellness issues.

6. Hyperlapse videos

This is a recent fad that travel vloggers follow nowadays. In the event that you visited a pleasant place in the recent time, clearly you would need to share the recordings of that place. In any case, you can’t share long recordings; no one has that much time on the planet to watch them. So hyperlapse recordings are an incredible solution for this issue. You can gather your long journey in a short video. This video goes quick and it shows a large portion of the part you need to share yet couldn’t because of time issues.

7. Give reviews

Did you purchase a dress or shoes recently or perhaps read a book or watched another web series? Do share your perspectives about it. Mention to them what you preferred or hated in the book or in the film. Give fair reviews, you would prefer not to resemble a marketing person. You’re followers ought not to feel like they are watching an advertisement. It should look original and genuine.

8. #AskMeAnything

This hashtag is very popular on Instagram these days and Instagram influencers are constantly utilizing it. They do ‘ask me anything’ sessions to upgrade their engagement with their followers. This forms a strong personal connection with the followers. Their followers can ask them things they are charmed about.

Individuals like to think about your own life. Attempt to address however many questions as you can. You can likewise pose a question to your followers which will likewise expand the engagement and connection. You can ask for their thoughts about any book you read or a movie you watched. All these things increases the level of engagement.

9. Freebies and Giveaways

Everyone enjoys free presents. To take your association with your crowd on a more elevated level arrange a giveaway. Request that they follow a few stages, such as to share it multiple times or tag your friends and so forth. Don’t worry you don’t have to handout expensive gifts.

It very well may be just about as simple as an e-commerce site voucher like Amazon voucher, or it very well may be a membership of a brand or whatever suits your financial plan. It is absolutely justifiable that at first you can’t giveaway costly stuff to your followers. But, indeed, when you become a successful influencer give it back.

Wrapping up

Social media gives you the opportunity to enhance your popularity as an influencer as well as enhancing your brand awareness. Instagram is one of the best platforms due to the gigantic number of users it has. This wide reach to audience can surely make any business successful. Hence, try the above mentioned Instagram post ideas to increase your followers and engagement.

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