A good branding strategy is vital for every business. Regardless of how quality products you have, if you don’t do the branding of those products, you won’t be able to make an identity of your brand. Today, when we are moving from conventional methods of marketing to Digital Marketing, social media has emerged as the number one place for branding. And why not. It has almost 4 Billion users worldwide. Within the realms of social media, there are two platforms that stands out and they are Twitter and Facebook. Every brand wants to know which one is the most fruitful. Therefore, in today’s article I am going to share features of both the social media platforms for branding.

Let’s jump right into it

Which one is best: Twitter or Facebook

Twitter or Facebook

➽ Number of users

Nobody can deny that Facebook is certainly more mainstream than Twitter when we consider the numbers. Facebook has around 2.6 Billion users around the world. Twitter has around 350 Million users around the world. At the point when Facebook launched, its aim was to bring individuals together in the virtual world with their loved ones all throughout the world.

Also, twitter’s aim is to allow individuals to share their thoughts about latest trending news and events real time. Presently the two of them have been utilized by organizations for branding. So if we go by the numbers, Facebook arises as the winner for branding. As it has more number of users it will give the business a more extensive scope of users.

➽ Kind of audience

Numbers aren’t sufficient when you are drawing in with the wrong crowd. It is not difficult to decide your target group. What sort of audience your product appeals too. Since Facebook is renowned for communicating with loved ones, it has drawn in numerous senior citizens or older people. Youth isn’t that dynamic on Facebook now. Youngsters are connecting on Twitter more at this point.

Younger generation now likes to take part in conversations surrounding political issues and international events more. They want to give their opinions about these events and Twitter give them that platform to engage in such conversation.

➽ Functionality

Undoubtedly, Twitter furnishes better stage to associate with your audience. It is not difficult to interact with your followers on Twitter than Facebook. With Twitter it is not difficult to set one on the right track and connect oneself with trending news and events. You can elevate your content to a bigger crowd with Twitter’s Live events. Facebook can be better to contact a more extensive audience.

However it is troublesome on it to acquire likes while it is relatively easy with Twitter to earn followers. Another approach to engage with your followers is through videos, a technique both Twitter and Facebook has tested with. Facebook launched Facebook live and Twitter launched Periscope. The two of which permits you to stream live occasions to users to give them some unique and true side of your brand.

➽ Advertising on Facebook and Twitter

Social media advertising give a huge lift to your brand. Both Twitter and Facebook gives a stage to advertise campaigns for your brands. Facebook advertising gives a focused reach to audience where the attention is just on the potential customers which may buy your products. It likewise helps in keeping the costs on the lower side for campaigns. Nonetheless, in most recent couple of years these costs have gone up. Then again, Twitter probably won’t be abundantly centered yet it is less cutthroat than Facebook.

There are different tools that can be utilized to follow key developments of your advertising methodology. Facebook messenger devoted to business has been added which allows your customers to communicate with you. Using Analytics you can check how individuals use Facebook, what sort of pages draws in them the most; you can check your engagement levels with the audience. Twitter has periscope which is an incredible method to create a personal connection with your followers.

Final note

In the wake of going through every one of the parts of both the Social media stages the correct decision can be made. Which one is better, Twitter or Facebook that I leave up to you. Everyone thinks differently. Some people upholds Facebook more and some contend Twitter is better. However, one thing is without a doubt, these stages are an amazing way for branding your products. An ever increasing number of brands are getting on social media to promote their brand. With the correct strategy you can take your business to next level regardless of the platform you choose.

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