Do you also think that getting the number one rank at the search engine results page will enhance your conversions or putting tons of keywords will make your PPC successful? If yes then you need to come out of your bubble of misconception. In this article I am going to debunk seven PPC management myths.

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We all are already aware of the importance of PPC or Pay-Per-click such as it drives traffic to a website, it helps in generating effective leads and in getting higher ranking in the search engine results. PPC is one of most common and popular digital marketing strategies that have stood the test of the time.

This strategy has the ability to put you in the spotlight on the search engine in front of your prospects which gives a huge boost to your business. This is relatively cost-effective as you are paying only when your ad is clicked by a visitor. Many businesses are unable to reap the benefits of PPC because they don’t have the right strategy. So they easily fall for some PPC management myths. Hence, in this article, I am going to talk about seven PPC management myths you should not fall for

7 PPC management myths you must not fall for

PPC management myths

Myth 1. Top spot means more conversion

This is one of the most common myths that people believe. Who doesn’t want to stay on the number one position? But if you are thinking that by being on the top you will get more conversions then you are wrong. Staying on top of the search engine results page does increases your visibility but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your conversion will increase as well.

Because the visitors clicking on your ads are generally in the research stage of buying a product so you can’t expect them to make a purchase. So by believing this myth you may spend more on ad placement but remember that will not help to increase your ROI. Hence, you need to make sure that the balance between the cost and value of your target market is maintained.

Myth 2. Stuffing the keywords will be better

While stuffing tons of keywords into your PPC account may help in getting your ad in front of the people however, it won’t give you the qualified traffic which you may be hoping for. You may see an increase in the traffic on your ad but that traffic will be unqualified meaning they are not the potential customers. This will hurt your business because you are spending so much on ad clicks and you are not getting the qualified traffic which will not increase your conversions in anyway.

Hence, your investment will be deemed as waste. Therefore it is important to ensure that you put only the relevant and useful keywords that aligns with the search intent of the visitors. This will increase your ROI on your paid advertisement. 

Myth 3. Running PPC on autopilot is beneficial

PPC campaign is not something which you can set and leave it on autopilot mode. This will costs you money and qualified leads as well. Common misconception among brands is that PPC means putting keywords, creating ads, setting a budget and then leave it to work on its own which is so false.

This is a common PPC myth because leaving your PPC on autopilot mode will not benefit you in any way, it will only hurt your business. PPC campaign need consistent monitoring, testing and tracking. This is the reason why many businesses hire PPC experts to take care of these things.  Hence, don’t leave your PPC on autopilot mode after kick starting the campaign.

Myth 4. PPC is best as short-term strategy

It is a misconception that businesses should employ PPC to promote specific sales or limited-period offers. Hence, using paid ads only as a short term strategy can be detrimental to its overall effectiveness. So you should not stop running ads once you start getting substantial amount of traffic. By continuously running the ads you can yield the highest ROI. Besides that, the data that you will gather from those clicks will help you in optimizing your ads and making strategy for your future campaigns.

Myth 5. Google is more than enough for PPC campaign

If you think you should invest in Google for running your ads then it may not produce the effective results. Undeniably, Google is the biggest search engine on the web as of now but other less popular search engines like Yahoo and Bing cannot be overlooked. They also have a substantial number of users that you should not ignore. Infact some advertisers witnessed more ROI and better conversions on these search engines because they are less competitive. This selection of search engine also depends on your demographic and key traffic sources. Hence, invest in other search engines as well.

Myth 6. Expert help is not needed to run PPC campaign

Unless you have a PPC expert it is better to hire a professional agency because not every business has the time and resources to focus on their PPC account. In that case it is better to hire an experienced Digital Marketing agency in Leeds to manage your PPC account. They help in optimizing your PPC landing pages, make recommendations for your website design, test your campaigns, use data to make changes and more. Hence, you can hire professionals if you are not a PPC expert.

Myth 7. PPC is not required when you have higher organic rankings

SEO and PPC are like the two pillars of every successful digital marketing plan SEO helps you to increase your visibility and draw organic traffic to your website while PPC can support SEO efforts by increasing the traffic of the website as a whole and increase your overall branding efforts.

PPC has a little edge over SEO in the short term because it brings a good amount of traffic by ranking your website for highly sought after keywords which were difficult to rank organically. In totality, both organic traffic and paid ads are important for your business to ensure that you are reaching to the right audience at the right time.

Wrapping it up

Because the digital marketing scenario keeps changing, such myths make their way out. And marketers who believe in these myths will not see any progress even after investing so much in PPC campaign. Hence, it is advisable and necessary for every business to understand that these are just myths and that they should only follow the right practices and facts.

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