Are you worried about your blog not getting the top rank in search results?

If yes, then let me tell you, you are not the only one. There are many marketers out there worried about their blog not getting a good rank. Ranking in Google’s top search results means your website comes up in the first page of the search results for a specific keyword whenever someone search that keyword on Google. This is the ultimate goal for majority of the website owners. There can be many reasons behind that such as thin content, copied content, Not SEO-friendly content, website not optimized and so on and so forth. But in this article, I am gonna give you some tips which you can use to rank your blog in Google’s top search results

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Tips to rank blog in Google’s Top search results  

Google’s top search results

Look for what is ranking currently

Before trying to rank your blog or site in the top search results you must search for what is ranking currently. Find out the sites occupying the top position of the SERP. Do your research on them. Find out the reasons why they are in the top position, what different are they doing that others aren’t.  

Why does Google ranks certain sites over others?

This is because Google wants to send their users to trust worthy and authoritative sites that will provide answers to the user’s questions in the best way possible. If the theme of your content fluctuates a lot, Google will not be able to determine your area of expertise and it does not prefer to rank such sites. By looking at the competition you would be able to understand what you are missing.

Focus on on-page SEO

On-page SEO is the tactics that you use to structure your page online and its HTML to boost its chances of ranking. Your content should provide value to the reader as well as to the search engine. Google looks at your content differently than audience. Google algorithms have evolved so much in the past few years. Unlike the readers, Google is good at understanding the meaning behind the words which we call Semantics.

What to do if you want to rank your site based on keywords?

You have to show Google that the keyword is central to what you are producing. In order to do that, you have to put keywords in the title, meta description, alt text, image file, URL etc.

However, stuffing too many keywords will look unnatural to the readers thus; you should maintain a balance between both of them. Your keywords should be sufficient enough to be recognized by Google and at the same time it should feel natural to your audience. Google prefers to rank sites that provide a good user experience.

Hence, make sure that

  • keyword stuffing is avoided
  • images are optimized
  • the content should be divided into numerous sections and sub-sections
  • The content is not thin.

Optimize on technical SEO

Technical SEO is as much important as on-page SEO if not more. Google, along with the SEO-friendly nature of content takes technical SEO of the site into consideration as well. The technical SEO includes the loading speed of the site. This is so important because it affects the user experience on a page. Google does not rank sites that load slowly because users also bounce off from such sites very quickly. Hence, it is important to focus on the optimization of the technical SEO as well. There are various tools also which you can use to get the insights regarding the technical SEO of your blog.

Build and earn backlinks

Backlinks are one of the most crucial elements that make a site get higher ranking. Backlinks are the links that other sites link to your site. They help to increase the organic traffic on your site. If these links are from trust worthy and authoritative sites then Google will believe that you are providing the best content to your readers.

The most quality backlinks you earn the more Google is going to trust your information and the more it is likely to rank your site in the top few of SERPs. As Google’s algorithm is understanding the meaning behind the content, backlinks remains one of the most important factor of ranking.

Not sure how to earn links organically, Here are Methods to use to earn high-quality links organically.

Put out quality content

This is the most common factor that affects the ranking of a blog or site. Blogs have the power to offer valuable content to the readers where they can address the pain points, answer a question, and more. Here it becomes important to understand your target audience because when you know what they want and what they search for, then you can create an in-depth content for them which will help them solve their issue.

Google cares about reader’s engagement with your content. If you are producing thin content that does not address the problems of the readers as well as the solutions to them, the level of engagement will be very low. This will send a negative message to the search engine. Hence, in order to rank your blog at the top most position in the search results you need to

  • Produce original, valuable and authentic content.
  • Make your headlines catchy and precise.
  • Provide actionable content
  • Don’t make your content all text. Use images and graphics to put the information in an interesting and creative manner.
  • Don’t forget to update your dynamic pieces of content.

The bottom line

By using the above mentioned tips you can definitely improve the ranking of your blog. Securing a higher position in the search results will improve your online presence and recognition as well. It will improve your company’s prospects on the internet. If you want your site to rank in the top position in search results, you can hire a digital marketing agency in Leeds.

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