If you think Affiliate Marketing can’t be done without a website then you are wrong. In fact, it can very well be done without a website. How? In today’s article, I will be going to give you some tips which you can use to do affiliate marketing without a website.

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What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a tactic for advertising that utilizes references to sell products or services. And there are three parties involved with the affiliate marketing process.

  • The user is a potential customer who sees the affiliate link on a site, blog, or social media platform.
  • The affiliate is the blog or social media profile that hosts the link and gets paid when a user buys something utilizing the affiliate link from their website.
  • The merchant offers the product or services that the affiliate link alludes to and pays the affiliate when a deal is made.

With affiliate marketing, you have to pay for performance, which means you don’t pay your affiliate except if their affiliate link produces some results. Basically, you are paying per sale. However, you may likewise decide to pay based on leads or clicks.

Tips to do Affiliate Marketing without a Website

 Here I have compiled some tips that you can use to do affiliate marketing without a website.

Let’s take a look at them

✅ Solo Ads

Solo ads allow you to reach new audiences by paying leverage to other people’s email lists to promote your affiliate offers. How do these work? Let’s say you have started affiliate journey focusing on the beauty products niche. You signed for the affiliate program and started to promote your affiliate offer on social media and online forums.

Even though you’re making few sales, but you definitely want to increase your reach to new audience to target with your offer. For that, you can do research on the influencers in the beauty niche that provide a solo ads service. If the solo ads provider thinks that your offer is a good deal for their email list, they will send your offer to their subscribers for a fee-charged at a rate click. This will yield commission as well as it will help you generate more opt-ins if your merchant is running an affiliate contest for opt-ins. For professional digital advertising services, reach out to Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds.

✅ YouTube Channel

We are aware of the popularity and benefits of YouTube. It is the second-largest in the world. YouTube is a great place to earn affiliate commissions without a website. You must have noticed YouTuber asking you to “Click on the link in the description” whenever they review a product. Do you know what they did there? Affiliate Marketing.

You will have to produce quality content in order to succeed as an affiliate marketer on YouTube. Leverage target keywords in your content so that it can reach more and more people and build a loyal customer base. By signing up for the YouTube Partner Program and placing ads on your videos you can earn advertising revenue.

✅ PPC Affiliate Marketing

If you want to get fast returns, you can try PPC affiliate marketing. But, it also comes with risk and investment on your part. The two most common platforms that affiliate marketers use to promote their affiliate products are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. PPC is the advertising model on which these platforms work.

This works like this- you bid for an ad, the maximum amount of bid wins and then pay a fee only when someone clicks on the ad. Without a website, you can only successfully use these platforms if you are the only advertiser directing traffic to an offer. While the opportunity for immediate traffic and commission can be tempting, you need to be attentive and methodical in your approach to Pay-Per-Click for affiliate marketing and proceed at your own risk.

✅ Email marketing

It is a great tool for affiliate marketing with or without a website. First off, build a list of email subscribers that are interested in connecting with you. There are some companies that will sell you an email list but their quality can be questioned as well. So, how to build an email list? There are loads of companies that provide sign up form services. And they will give the hosting, so you don’t need a website.

In order to convince people to provide you with their email address, you’re going to need to give them a compelling offer in exchange. This can be anything from a free guide to a free course or resource. Here are 7 Top Notch Email Marketing Tactics to Adopt

After you are done building the form, created your offer, you have to direct traffic to your sign up form. You can post on social media, and even use paid social media ads to pace up the process of building your list.

Once you’ve got a good number of subscribers, you can start sending regular emails and promote your affiliate products. Just like any other form of affiliate marketing, focus on helping your audience with useful and informative email content that offers value.

Wrapping it up

You must start affiliate marketing if you want to improve your sales, profits and brand awareness. By following the right tactics you can succeed in your affiliate marketing program.

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