Have you ever wondered what makes you stop scrolling and take a look at an ad on Facebook? Let me tell you some examples, it could be attractive graphics, or funny GIFs, or a cute dog and things like that. These things get your attention easily. Hence when you plan to launch a Facebook ad campaign for your business you need to be careful with your ad copy. In today’s article, I am going to talk about some creative Facebook ads tips you can use to make your ads more engaging.

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8 Creative Facebook Ads tips You Must know

Creative Facebook Ads

Here are eight creative Facebook ads tips for you

1. Mull over Stock Photography

We’ve all seen the generic stock photographs individuals embed into their ads, for example, the fashionable business specialists gazing coldly into space as they lounge around the meeting table. While stock photographs may offer a simple answer for brands without a designer or great photography, these photographs regularly are less inclined to command notice and yield an immediate relationship with your brand.  

If you decide to utilize stock photographs, consider adding a type of branded component, like your logo, into the ads. You can likewise incorporate overlaid text explicitly referencing the offer you are promoting.

2. Showcase the product

In case you’re selling a tangible item, show it being used in your ad imagery. People will know precisely the thing you’re selling and how they could add that into their lives. Sometimes, it probably won’t be practical to show the product in genuine use, however you can in any case show it by itself.

At last, investing in good photography can go far. Regardless of whether you would prefer not to pay an expert photographer, purchase a SLR camera with a macro lens alongside certain lights to have the option to make quality close-up shots of your product.

3. Feature Customer quotes

Featuring direct quotes from customers assists to set up credibility, regardless of whether they’re referring to the issues that drove them to search out the product or the solutions that came. You may discover these quotes from straightforwardly surveying customers, from online review sites, or from easygoing conversations that occur.

Quotes help to set up a personal connection in the advertisement and reverberate with people who can relate to what is said.

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4. Insert particular statistics

If you have studies or studies showing statistics that reflects positively on your brand’s success, insert those in graphics. For instance, if you are an insurance company, you can cite a stat saying “earn 40percent more money with us” or if you are running a clothing brand you can cite how many number of your customers are satisfied with your services, or how much percentage of discount you are giving to your customers etc.

If you carry out a survey of your target audience, you could mention a stat about how an enormous subset of your prospects experience the issue you’re attempting to resolve. For example, maybe 90% of CFOs wish they had better software set up for tracking costs.

5. Tweak Images by Placement

The Facebook Ads interface allows you to choose remarkable pictures for different placements. In a perfect world, you should utilize vertical pictures for the Stories configuration to fill the entire screen, while utilizing horizontal or square pictures for the News Feed.

The desktop right sidebar placement is likewise one to be upright of, especially since Facebook changed its layout in late 2020. Already, just rectangular (1200 x 628) pictures displayed in that placement; presently, Facebook, will show a square picture in that space if you utilize one, allowing for more noticeable ad space.

Besides that, be careful that ads in the right sidebar will be altogether smaller, implying that any text you include in your pictures will be scarcely legible. I would suggest limiting or totally eliminating text from any pictures that show up in this placement.

6. Utilize text smartly

In 2020, Facebook at last got rid of the 20% text rule, done punishing advertisement pictures for including text. I’d urge you to test pictures with text in them, yet don’t try too hard. Frequently a straightforward advantage point will stand out enough to be noticed more than a text-overload image. Depending upon your product, there might be extra creative approaches to add working text into your picture.

7. Feature star ratings

If your brand has got four or five star ratings then it is the best opportunity to feature that in your Facebook ads. Positive and great ratings will stand out and encourage your audience to take a further look. By matching the star’s color to your brand’s color and including the logo of your brand in the ad will make your ad creative and effective. This creative ad carries both the good rating and the direct brand association.

8. Add information about an event

If your advertisement is promoting an event, one of the main questions people need to answer is when the event will take place. Including the date(s) directly in your graphic will respond to this question upfront. That way if people are as of now reserved that day they will not bother to waste a further click and people who know they’re free in that time period and are intrigued may take a second look.

A further test could involve including the time of day an event begins. If your event includes striking speakers who may be noticed by people being targeted, add their photographs and names into event graphics. You could even test a carousel ad with numerous faces, names, and themes for event with various sessions. You could test referencing the venue or city where the event takes place if it’s happening in a physical location.

Wrapping it up

Ideally, these tips should inspire you to attempt some new creative Facebook ads in your Facebook campaigns! Set aside some effort to thoroughly consider plans, think through designs and messaging to see what might best represent your brand. Also, recall, what strategies work admirably for one organization on Facebook probably won’t work for another (and vice-versa). Make certain to test and see what yields the best outcomes for you.

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