If you are looking for ways to promote your business by a modern marketing method then you can try video marketing.

On an average, a visitor spends 40 minutes on YouTube daily. You can imagine the magnitude of this stat if I tell you that over 30 Million people spend this much time on YouTube daily. People spend so much of their time watching video content. In this internet era, video content is dominating the market not only on YouTube but on social media platform as well. Social media like Facebook, Instagram has also included video streaming feature.

Businesses have also started realizing the importance of Video content to promote a product or service. They are now trying this very popular form of Digital Marketing called Video Marketing.

So, what is Video Marketing and how you can start your video marketing campaign ? Don’t worry, you can find out the answers to all of your questions in this article, so bear with me till the very end

What is video marketing?

It is the marketing of products and services of a particular brand or business through video content. Usually, a brand promotes its product through written content or by advertising it on huge billboards. And when the details of a product is conveyed to the audience in video format it is called Video marketing.

For example, you must have watched many video ads while streaming YouTube, they are examples of Video marketing but there is a little difference which I will discuss in the subsequent sections.  

How to start your Video marketing campaign?

video marketing

The steps you need to follow to start your video marketing campaign are mentioned below

Lets dig right in

➽ Start with video goals

The step while planning your Video marketing strategy is to start with the goals you want achieve. There are three stages which you should know in order to decide which one you want to start with according to the level of audience engagement with your brand.

  • Awareness: In this step, you will make the user aware of the problem or issue he or she is facing by defining a challenge or opportunity to the user. Your videos should attract the users. They should introduce your users to your brand especially the new users.
  • Consideration: Now after the awareness stage users are well aware of their problem. They will then do their research on how they can solve their problem. They will look for recommendations, product reviews for effective solution.
  • Decision: when the user comes too close to the solution you have to present your prospect before them with proof of customer satisfaction. You need to give them reasons why they should choose your product over others.

Awareness is to attract customers, consideration is to engage them and decision is to convert them.

➽ Look for your targeted audience

This is where difference can be seen. For instance, the TV ads are not targeted to a specific audience but they comes under the purview of Video marketing. On YouTube also, you can find some ads that does not align with your interests. This is an important step. You need to identify your target audience. Because your content can reach to the wrong users, who will not convert.

Build your buyer’s persona. This is important to do because you want to reach to the user that will convert into a customer. So, identify your target audience and then create content according to their needs and preferences.

➽ Decide the story you want to tell

When you know your audience and their expectations from you, you need to decide the kind of story you want to tell them. The whole story should be portrayed like a journey to which your audience can relate. The basic framework of your story should contain the following elements

  • A protagonist whose goals are in alignment with your audience’s goals.
  • The main problem of the audience for which they looking for the solution.
  • You need to present your product or service as solution in line with their problem.
  • Last is resolution or how your product is the solution to their problem.

➽ Keep track of time

Each step of this process must have a reasonable timeline you can stick to, for example, the production process must have a timeline, likewise the creative process and the distribution process too. You have to ensure that you are on track according to the timeline you planned. Completing your task within time is crucial.

➽ Have a realist budget

The more money you have the better content you can create but the new companies don’t have a lot of money to invest in their marketing strategy. So don’t panic. Start with a realistic budget and as you move forward with success you can increase the money you put into your marketing strategy.

Allot money for different processes after discussing it with financial experts. It is important to give the right amount of money to the right stage of this process.

Producing video content can cost you a lot of money so you need to do a thorough research on how you can create something that is good enough to present before the audience within your budget.

Summing up

If you’re able to produce creative and informative content for your audience then you can enhance the traffic and ranking of your website. All of which eventually contribute in improving the overall SEO and conversion rate of your business. So follow the above mentioned steps to start your video marketing campaign.

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