In the last few years, all of us witnessed a sharp increase in online shopping. After the COVID-19 pandemic specially, people prefer to shop online. Due to this trend, many businesses have taken themselves online. According to an online study a 24% increase in businesses getting online has been observed in the last year. This increases the level of competition in online business, drawing traffic on websites has become tougher than ever. Well, brands are trying their hands on paid strategies to draw traffic to their E-commerce websites. One such commonly used paid strategy is PPC or Pay-Per-Click.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a type of online marketing which is targeted on customers to draw traffic to the website quickly for brand promotion and services. It is a paid strategy where companies pay a certain amount each time their ad is clicked. In simple words, this strategy is all about buying visits to a website rather than trying to get those visits organically. In today’s article, I’m going to talk about some effective PPC tactics that B2B E-commerce companies can use to gain more traffic.

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Effective PPC tactics for to B2B e-commerce

PPC tactics for B2B E-commerce

Search engine advertising is a common form of PPC. This tries to enhance the odds of your website to show up at the top Rank on the search engine results page. In this method, advertisers bid for an ad placement in search engines sponsored links when somebody searches on the keyword that is related to their brands offering. Each time someone clicks on that ad which send a visitor to the website, advertisers will pay a fee to the search engine. Content advertisement are created through visuals, pictures or videos on various network of publishers websites like social media platforms, Google display network works to attract the audience to visit the website through the ad link.

B2B E-commerce companies sell and purchase products from other businesses. B2B basically means business-to-business. It is important for B2B companies to adopt effective PPC techniques in order to gain traffic and improve their online presence.

Below are some effective PPC tactics for B2B E-commerce

Know your audience

The first step in planning any online marketing strategy is to know the target audience. When it comes to start a paid advertising campaign, it becomes very crucial to understand your target audience first. This is important because those days are gone when floating a single advertisement to a large audience was good enough. These days, user search intent differs very much from each other. Hence, the ads need to be specifically targeted to what audience wants. So, it is important to find out what your audience searches for, their search intent and how do they carry out these searches.

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You need to also find the platform where you will be targeting your customers. For instance, targeting B2B E-commerce customers on Google ads might be a little challenging than B2C customers. You need to find out the platform where majority of the B2B customers hang out. Besides that, your website should be customer-centric and you need to carry out a comprehensive research to find out what your target audience is looking for when they search for your products on the Internet. Your ads should not go in front of the wrong audience.

Specifications of your products

B2B customers are more aware and informed about the trade. They have more knowledge about their industry and business requirements. Therefore, they look for the products and the suitable seller to buy those products from. One of the easiest ways to find a particular product on Google is by entering the specifications and the name of the product as well.

Product specifications are vital for B2B e-commerce companies. Google lists your search result according to the details given in the search. You should make sure that your product appears when a buyer searches for a specific product. Hence, it is important to make sure that you are providing all the specifications and important details of your product on your website and different platforms where you are listing your products.

Optimize website for B2B customers

According to research carried out by Forrester, it has been found that up to 90% of the B2B customer’s journey gets completed by the time the customer lands on the website. This is because B2B customers have knowledge about their industries which makes them well positioned and confident to buy a particular item. Do not rely on the average conversion rates published online as they often do not mean anything. Hence, your priority should be website optimization.

Your ads are successful as long as they are getting good conversions. Hence, your website or landing page should be in line with the search intent. If you are sending visitors to generic pages it will not produce any good results for your PPC campaign, instead it will hurt your SEO by reducing the quality score, increasing the bounce rate and decreasing the conversions.

Enhance bids on the best sellers

You cannot use keywords to optimize bids for individual products or product ranges. However, you can set bids for any product you like by adding custom labels in your shopping feed. This enables you to increase the bid on your highly profitable products, Best sellers, and priority campaigns. For instance, holiday promotions or end of season sale or running out of stocks sale can be used to increase the urgency among audience to shop.

Grab your B2B E-commerce up selling game

Of course, your main goal would be to aim at bulk orders. However, new B2B customers will not spend a big amount on an order from a seller they don’t know or they aren’t aware of. So, first thing you need to do is target smaller orders as a middle part lead generation that’s where your goal is to turn these customers into bulk buyers.

At the end of the day, if you’re making more revenue than you are  spending on your campaign, you are still adding up to your PPC campaign to become successful. You should not abandon or forget your first time buyers. It is important to retain your current customers. That can be done by running re marketing campaign so that your brand remains in there consciousness. You can show the deals or incentives in the remarketing campaign that you are offering them on their big orders.

Wrapping it up

In this online shopping era, B2B e-commerce companies need to step up their game in order to make a place in the online shopping world. For that to happen, they need to adopt PPC tactics. It is not fair and impractical to expect a new E-commerce company to draw heavy traffic and hence converting those visitors into customers. This is not an easy thing to do. So, paid strategies like PPC should be employed early on in their journey in order to build the brand online presence and business.

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