You must have heard many famous jingles that get stuck in your head like an old song. But why? Because they are mostly short, simple and catchy hence people remember them easily. Same goes with the tagline for your business. They are simple and easy to remember.

“Just do it”, “Think different”, “Open happiness” these phrases look so easy and common right? But let me tell you these phrases are the taglines of some of the most famous and wealthy brands in the world. “Just do it” is the tagline of Nike, “Think different”- Apple and “Open happiness”- Coca-Cola. So now you must have got an idea of how simple and easy phrases can give you an identity and recognition in the industry.

In today’s article, I am going to talk about some ways you can use to create a top notch tagline for your business.

Let’s dig right in

Ways to create a top notch tagline for your business

tagline for your business

A good tagline is the one that is catchy and bounces around your head like an earworm. However, a good tagline is more than just a catchphrase. It encompasses everything, what you stand for and everything you offer to the audience. A good tagline helps your audience remember your brand. Like when you hear “I’m loving it” you know its McDonald’s. So, you can show your brand’s values and what you do through a good tagline. Let’s see some ways to create a good tagline for your business.

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Figure out your specialty

First and foremost, you need to figure out what is special about you, what different you are offering to the world? You need to ask few questions

  • What products do you sell and their importance?
  • What are the values of your company?
  • What do you stand for?
  • What difference you want to make in your customer’s lives?
  • What difference you want to make in the world?

You need to find answers to these questions; you can look for inspiration from your company’s mission statement, company history, vision and value statements of your brand, target market and their values, and so on and so forth. Once you find out what makes you special you can go on further to decide your goals.

Decide your goals

You must always start with your sales goals when marketing efforts are concerned. What are you trying to achieve? Where do you see yourself in the future? And how will you get there? Because it is easy to lose track if you don’t stay focused. And your focus should be less on numbers and more on how you want customers to feel about your brand and what solution you will provide them with. Your focus should be on the purpose of your brand. Don’t leave your guiding documents while deciding your goal, it is crucial to stay on-brand as you are creating your tagline. Think about few things while determining your tagline

  • What products or services you want the focus on?
  • What do you want people to takeaway from your brand?
  • What visions and values do you want to communicate?
  • What solution does your brand actually deliver?

Ponder over these points and determine the goals.

Begin to write

After deciding your goals the next thing to do would be to begin writing. Just write whatever ideas come to your mind, don’t think about editing or anything. Just write down all the ideas that come to your mind, let them flow free naturally until you run out of them. You should think about your brand while writing the ideas. How do they sound together? Try to imagine how your tagline will sound at the end of the description of your products or services. As you think about that more and more interesting ideas will come to you. Hence, writing is very important.

Better to be original

Checking out other brand’s tagline is good but researching too much on it can affect your creativity. They can affect your ability to create a unique and original tagline for your brand. You can actually end up stealing or adopting their structure or concept of tagline. Besides that, when you check other brand’s tagline that you consider successful you may get disappointed with yours because you would compare it with theirs and you might think yours is not good enough.  

It should be ever green

Have you seen any big brand change their tagline? Perhaps not. It’s very rare. This is because the tagline needs to stand the test of the time. You don’t want the upcoming generation to not relate with your brand. Your tagline should be such that is relatable and relevant which means it has to stick around for a long time so that people can hear it many times.

This means that you should avoid making it contemporary or trendy because trend keeps changing and with the vanishing trend your tagline will not vanish. So, try to create an evergreen, timeless and relatable to all by using words and phrases that are universally understood, keep it straight forward and avoid using complex words.

Appeal to your audience

You need to consider your target market when you are creating your tagline. How do they talk and sound to your audience? Is their language natural to the audience? You need to use style of language that your market and audience uses the most to communicate with them properly. You don’t need to adopt current slangs to make your tagline but you have to use the language your market relates to.

  • What do they want from your brand, what is important to them?
  • What are their expectations from your brand?
  • What are they actually getting out of your brand?

Find out the answer to these questions in order to create a tagline that will speak to your audience effectively.

Boil down your ideas

Now the time has come to boil down your ideas. You must have written many ideas but you can’t use them all, you have to choose the best one. Let these one go

  • Too trendy or contemporary
  • Talk too much about your brand and not the target audience
  • Too long
  • Difficult to remember
  • Does not feel right and natural to you

A/B Test

If even after going through these factors you can’t reach to “the one” then you can run A/B tests. A/B test includes asking your friends, colleagues to give their review on your tagline. You can also create branded logo with shortlisted taglines and can share them with your audience and see which one they like the most because at the end you are doing everything for your audience hence their opinion matters.

Wrapping it up

Having a great tagline for your business is vital if you want the people to recognize your brand easily like they do with other famous brands. A catchy tagline will give a boost to your brand’s online recognition and awareness among people. If you want any help with creating a marketing strategy for your business you can hire Digital Marketing agency in Mumbai.

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