If you think Instagram cannot be utilized for your small business, then you are so wrong. In fact, you can very well utilize Instagram for your small business and improve it as well. You just need to know the strategies for it. Hence, in this article, I will be talking about how you can utilize Instagram for your small business.

Let’s jump right in

Instagram is the largest social networking platform after Facebook. It has millions of daily active users and millions others are joining on a regular basis. Every business is moving to Instagram to create awareness about their service or brand. Instagram has proven its importance and effectiveness time and again for every online business regardless of its type. The most amazing part of putting your business on Instagram is it’s easier to use and features like photos, stories, videos etc. you can improve your small business through Instagram. Instagram has become a basic need for new business or startups like Event management, eCommerce or product selling.

How to get started with an Instagram account?

Utilize Instagram for Small Business

First you have to learn to create an Instagram account before you look for tips to use Instagram for business. People who are not much aware of Instagram may find it difficult to use. But let me break this thought, Instagram is much easier to use. You must have seen many brands reaching large audience through Instagram. Instagram has helped many businesses grow. So, now it’s your time to get on Instagram. Here are some steps you can follow to create start your account.

  1. First you have to download the Instagram application from the respective mobile stores you have. For instance, if you use Android phone, you can download the app from Google PlayStore whereas if you have an iOS, then download the app from Apple store.
  2. Next step is to sign in. if you are not aware, let me tell you Facebook now owns Instagram. So, you can either link your other social accounts such as Facebook, Google Plus, etc or you can sign in with your email id.
  3. After you sign in, you have to follow the instructions of setting up your business profile. It is better if you do it in the most creative way possible because this is a great way to attract customers.
  4. After setting up your business profile, you should start posting content that you think is beneficial by using relevant hashtags.

Tips to utilize Instagram for Your Small Business

Instagram can really help you in taking your business to newer heights, but you have to utilize it effectively. Here are some tips you can use to utilize Instagram for your small business

  1. With the immense achievement of this mobile application, it chose to start a business page. So the first step you can take is to realize how to utilize this feature so you can earn maximum of benefits.
  2. Set up a creative profile that is capable to draw attention of masses with the necessary details about your business and service.
  3. Do not just post promotional content. Find a middle ground and try to post fun stuff as well. This will improve the engagement with your audience.
  4. Your number of followers largely affects the success of your business either directly or indirectly. So, you have to link other social accounts in order to increase the followers, and try to follow other relative accounts. Make sure you are following your customer or follower. This act of yours will make them feel appreciated and valued.
  5. Try to add more photos and videos of your products and services. This will give your customers a detailed look into your products and services.
  6. By Engaging with people you will be able to create networks not only in Instagram but within other social media portals too.
  7. It is important to optimize your Instagram account to the extent where your audience does not have to search for the business details. Optimization plays a very crucial role in this digital era.
  8. Besides posting stuff, you should also do the research on how well your Instagram business account is running. You can use many free and paid tools to find out how your Instagram campaign is doing. It helps you to know whether your audience is happy or not.
  9. One way you can widen your business exposure in terms of everything is by following other brands on Instagram.

Wrapping it up

Instagram has now become one of the fastest, if not the fastest, growing social media platforms that allows your business to expand. If your business still does not have online presence on Instagram then it is high time for it to be. These were some of the best tips and ways to use Instagram to get more traffic and eventually higher ranking and enhanced sales.

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