Marketing today isn’t equivalent to what it was five years ago — or even only one year ago. The pandemic turned the world on its head however truly, we’ve been moving toward this path for some time. Coronavirus simply hit the quick forward button. In an inquisitive situation, the isolating and social distancing measures for public health security have affected our mental and emotional wellness overall. And the manner in which we see, interact with, and shop from brands. To set it forth simply, society is:

  • Craving more captivating interactions with brands than previously.
  • Seeing brand trust and morals on another level.
  • Focusing more on small businesses and sustainability.

This is an altogether different buyer base than we saw previously. The question is, how are these trends influencing visual content marketing?

In today’s article, I am going to talk about some visual content marketing trends you must know in 2021

Let’s dig right in

Visual Content Marketing Trends in 2021

Visual Content Marketing Trends

Visual Content Is now forging more intimate, authentic and genuine connections between brands and customers. Video content specifically offers brands an extraordinary chance to connect in an (nearly) face-to-face way with their audience.

It’s making up for a shortfall during a time of social distancing, which is a main reason behind why 91% of marketers admit video is more significant for brands considering the pandemic.

Here are some of the video and other visual content marketing trends to observe particularly intently:

Authentic content improves engagement

Now a days customers prefer to see the people behind the brand. This can be in the form of Owner talking about the company, Behind-the-scenes look of their team, blog posts showing the people making the product. Besides that, you can use Instagram Stories, Reels, and video shorts to feature this side of your brand.

You have to do it consistently for people to notice you. People these days are less interested in fancy styled photoshoots with perfectly arranges models. They are more interested in the real person. Rather than using gimmicks and sales pitches, talk directly to your customers who want to see a genuine attempt to connect with you more personally.

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Convert lists into visual graphics

Converting your lists into graphics adds the advantage of making visual interest while breaking the most relevant information out of a text block that’s more bound to be skimmed over without sinking in. Our brains are wired for visual processing; truth be told, visuals are processed by the human brain 60 thousand times quicker than text. Nail your engagement and increase visitor time on site with more content types that incorporate visual graphics repurposed from your written content.

Optimize custom branded visual for Google Images

You can solidify your brand as an authority within your niche by creating your own data, graphs, and visual concepts which also opens the doors for links and citations. If you appropriately optimize each picture you upload with an alt tag, all those graphics would then be able to be indexed by Google in Search and Images. They can likewise be found by publishers who could get them and link to you.

You can even optimize the pictures and graphics you make for your brand assets, so the entirety of your content formats – not just a few, however all – appear in Google Images. Google resembles a Dewey Decimal system. Feed it the right data on every last piece of visual content you upload, and you’ll rank everywhere. For instance, suppose you have a podcast. If you optimize each podcast episode with associating site content that incorporates graphics and visuals, your podcast can appear in Google Images.

Shoppable visual content

Purchasing products directly from social media was previously a novel idea; however it’s rapidly turning into a norm. In 2020, 18.3% of Facebook users made a purchase directly on the platform. Social media platforms have been inclining toward the trend by offering business tools like shopping stickers and product tags.

However, shoppable visual content isn’t limited to social media. Companies are getting innovative and adding shop links directly into their digital catalogs and lookbooks, blog posts, and pretty much elsewhere a link can go.

Animations and GIFs

This kind of visual content has become very popular and it continues to be trending. Gifs and animations can be utilized various ways, like showing a step in an instructional post, spicing up a picture, or adding an entertaining or engaging twist to your content.  There’s a gif or animation out there for pretty much anything you can think of.

Revolution visuals

Audiences have a great time in their capacity to “visit” a place and have power over what they see by changing the view with a slide of the finger or a drag of the mouse, quickly making otherwise flat content considerably more engaging by evoking interest. From an e-commerce perspective, products can be displayed from each point to give a purchaser a better idea of what they’re purchasing and enhance the online shopping experience overall.

Wrapping it up

Without a doubt, visual content is changing the way customers interact with the brands. Modern day customer is looking for authenticity, engagement, and trustworthiness. Visual content across all stages and channels is advancing to address those issues and change the manner in which audiences see and interact with brands. The brands that rise to meet these expectations are the ones that won’t just endure the post-COVID market but flourish in it.

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