Facebook is a channel that is changing constantly, which doesn’t generally make it simple for busy marketers to stay aware of every single little change. Beside the normal powerful marketing tools like lookalike audiences, there are extra Facebook features that are less common however can improve things significantly for the right campaign. In today’s article, I am going to list ten Facebook Ads feature every marketer must know

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10 Facebook Ads feature every marketer must know

Facebook Ads Feature

As I would like to think, Facebook has a ton of incredible tools for advertisers that fly under the radar. A large number of these make advertising on Facebook easier, yet you may not know about a few of them.

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Here I have compiled ten Facebook ads feature every marketer must know

1. Third-party tag integration

Setting up the Facebook pixel used to involve a few stages, particularly when it came to shopping carts and event tracking. Back in 2017, Facebook made this process a lot simpler with the integration tool that can be found inside Business Manager.

Advertisers utilizing Google Tag Manager, WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, or BigCommerce can carry out the Facebook pixel without touching the code to their site. Start by choosing Events Manager in the Facebook navigation sidebar. In the left side, you’ll see a green plus sign button. At the point when you drift over it, it will pop out options to connect data sources, edit data sources and add custom conversions.

Click Connect Data Sources. Select the sort of data source you need. (If you as of now have a conversion pixel made, the Web option will be grayed out.) Click Get Started and follow to the directions to complete the process.

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2. Pixel Helper

Prior to beginning in any channel, set up your change pixel as well as confirm it is firing properly. Facebook’s Chrome extension permits advertisers to two-fold check implementation, troubleshoot their pixel, and figure out how to further improve performance prior to launching campaigns.

3. Creative hub

Creative Hub is an advertisement mockup tool that permits users to test distinctive ad types, placements, and ad components. Single picture or video and carousel ads can be tested. These mockups can be saved aside for later reference. Slideshow, video, and interactive advertisements can likewise be tested here. This tool can be exceptionally valuable when pitching new ad types to clients. You can discover Creative Hub in the Facebook navigation sidebar by clicking the “dot” button and scrolling down to Advertise > Creative Hub.

4. Facebook Analytics

This tool offers extra insights into Facebook performance. You can get to this apparatus in the Business Manager navigation bar by utilizing the menu and scrolling down to Analytics under Analyze and Report.

Like Google Analytics and other tools, you can see user metrics, engagement metrics, page metrics, and user demographics. You can make Funnels that incorporate a sequence of actions you’d prefer to measure.

You can likewise make Cohorts of clients to track behaviour over time, create pivot tables (called “Breakdowns”) for ongoing data reporting, make Dashboards, and review Lifetime Value, among different features.

5. Audience Insights

This interactive audience tool offers extra details on your Facebook audience that you are not able to gather from Facebook Analytics. You can access this component through the navigation menu and scrolling down to Analyze and Report > Audience Insights.

You can craft your ideal target audience and gather demographics, Page likes, Facebook usage data, and interests. If you have extra data you need to give about your audience, click Advanced. Every one of these sections has various choices available for selection.

You can likewise see Pages that are probably going to be relevant to your audience based on their interests and how likely your audience is to like these pages (versus the rest of Facebook).

6. Campaign budget optimization

Presented in November 2017, this feature allows advertisers to adjust their advertisement spend across ad sets. By setting one central campaign budget across numerous ad sets, Facebook can disperse the budget to the advertisement sets that are performing best.

This alternative can be found while making another campaign and is applicable to either daily budgets or lifetime budgets. Note that because of the introduction of iOS 14, estimated daily results are no longer accessible for campaigns utilizing campaign budget optimization.

7. Ad scheduling

Numerous advertisers like to limit their budget by just running advertisements at specific times of the day. Right now, Facebook only permits advertisers to utilize advertisement scheduling when utilizing a lifetime budget.

While creating another campaign, after you have set your lifetime budget, you’ll see the alternative to run advertisements regularly or run ads on a schedule.

The rest of advertisement scheduling options should be set inside every ad set. Select to utilize the user’s time zone or the account’s time zone. Presently make your ad plan by clicking on the occasions you want to serve advertisements.

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8. Location targeting

Location targeting is set at the ad set level and has a few extra choices that I believe are truly valuable. Once you have set your location targeting, you can choose radius targeting or target the city only. You can choose 4 extra settings for location targeting:

  • Everybody in This Location

These are individuals whose location was recently this location(s).

  • Individuals Who Live in This Location

This is just the individuals who have listed their home as this location. This option is incredible to choose for home-related businesses or anyplace that you are targeting homeowners only.

  • People Recently in This Location

These are individuals who have recently used Facebook in this location.

  • Individuals Recently Traveling in This Location

This is for individuals who have recently used Facebook in this location, yet whose house is listed as more than 125 miles away.

9. Connections

If you have an application, use Events or need to reach people associated with your Facebook page, this is an incredible feature for you. You can target individuals who like your Page, friends of people who like your Page or reject individuals who like your pages. You can likewise target individuals who used your application, friends of people who used your application or avoid individuals who used your application.

For events, you can target individuals who responded to your events or reject individuals who previously responded. You can make various combinations of these options too. Scroll to the lower part of the rundown of Connections to find Advanced Combinations.

10. Saved audiences

After uploading audiences, choosing specific location targeting, and adding extra layers, you might need to save this audience for sometime in the future. At the lower part of the Targeting segment of the advertisement set (before Placements), you’ll see a button for Save This Audience. This will permit you to save this audience with a specific name. This audience will now be accessible in your Saved Audiences which can be found at the highest point of the Audience section in every advertisement set. Note that any edit to your audience will affect all ad sets using that audience.

Wrapping it up

Facebook has many secret gem tools and features that are often covered in the muddled interface. By using these Facebook Ads feature and tools, you can take your Facebook campaign from great to extraordinary!

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