Every professional who is in the field of digital marketing or website development or online business in general knows the importance of an effective landing page. If you are not getting the desired conversions on your landing page then something must be very wrong with it. In order to create an effective and high-converting landing page, you must know some top notch practices. This will get you started on the right foot towards a higher conversion rate and lead generation. In this article, I will be going to list couple of top notch practices to boost your landing pages.

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Top notch Practices to Boost your Landing Pages

Practices to Boost Landing Pages

Here are some top notch practices to boost your landing pages

✅ Single CTA and Conversion Goal

To start off this rundown, we generally have a simple yet often ignored philosophy of just having one conversion objective and a CTA button that lines up with said goal. For what reason would we like to just have one way to conversion on our landing page?

Suppose you were running a PPC campaign with an extremely clear CTA that a potential customer clicks on and lands on your page that has a few distinctive CTAs and conversion prospects. Not only your PPC manager is mad at you because their conversions are going down the channel. However, your site visitor is bound to go down another way, away from your offer. The reason we call them landing pages and not websites is because they are specific for one objective; adding numerous objectives to a landing page resembles punching holes in your straw while drinking — extremely wasteful and baffling.

So when you are working out a landing page strategy, ensure you just have one substantial conversion goal and offer on the page. Not only will you see an increment in your conversion rate, but it makes making content for said page much simpler in case everything is driving towards a singular goal.

✅ Offer should be appropriate for the stage of the funnel

This sounds like a “No-brainer”, yet isn’t followed nearly as much. If I just found out about your brand from an article I read, I’m not likely to promptly convert over to an offer that exists at the bottom of your funnel and request a quote or proposal. Now would I give you my email for an e-book or comparative low-stakes offer? Conceivably, if the content was relevant to me.

When utilizing landing pages as a part of a PPC campaign, you shouldn’t have to stress a lot over a potential customer being at the right part of the funnel. This is because a good PPC manager will ensure they are pursuing the right target audience. In any case, it’s something you need to consider during the planning phases of your landing page optimization strategies. And choosing what content would be proper for somebody at that stage of the funnel.

✅ Use a multi-step form

This best practice is explicit to a lead generating landing page, but is pivotal to expanding your conversion rates for pages that incorporate forms with more than four input fields. In practice, a multi-step form breaks up a few fields into numerous steps, henceforth the name “multi-step.” When a visitor finishes one step of the form, they progress forward to the subsequent step, until the form is submitted.

The strategy behind multi-step forms is the possibility that visitors are more likely to finish something that they’ve started. This stems from project management psychology that we as people don’t want our endeavors to go to waste once a task is begun, otherwise called “sunk costs.” That is the reason we need the initial step of the multi-step form to be the most easiest to finish.

The key to a high-converting multi-step form is sorting your fields, beginning with the fields that are least undermining (something like “The number of pets do you have?”) to most (contact data, name, email, phone, and so on) The initial step of the form is to use the least threatening fields to decrease the amount of friction it takes to begin filling out the form, with the following steps using higher danger level fields.

✅ Personalize landing page design

Personalizing your landing pages is something that is somewhat new and becoming simpler to do using dynamic keyword infusion and platforms like Proof and Dynamic Yield. The thought behind personalized landing pages is to cater content to your customer and create a one of a kind experience that connects to them and is bound to convert. Personalization is extraordinary, but you need to practice some restraint.

People may like that content on a page being specific to them; however being too specific can have an adverse effect. For instance, if you landed on a page that knew personal insights about you like your age, race, sexual orientation, and so forth and showed it prominently, how might that make you feel? Disgusting? Violated? Could you convert? Not likely.

✅ Fast loading

One of the most important features of a good landing page is how fast it loads. Loading speed of page is a technical thing; however, it is easy to improve it assuming your landing page is running on fast and stable servers. One of the ways to optimize the speed of your landing page is by optimizing the image files. There are some landing page builders which automatically optimizes your image when you upload them.

Or you can also use various online tools to optimize your images before you upload them. Another way to improve the loading speed is by reducing or replacing scripts that are running on your landing page. You can check whether or not the scripts you are running slowing down your page speed by analysing your page using Google PageSpeed Insights.

Summing it up

These practices can significantly improve the conversion rate and lead generation of your landing page. Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai has adopted these tactics to work with clients increasing their landing page conversion rates again and again. Besides these top notch practices to boost your landing page, you need to consistently test your landing page to make sure your strategy is working.

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