Online shopping or e-commerce has become a thing in 2021. The popularity and business of e-commerce has skyrocketed to become one of the maximum revenue generating business. Therefore, this article is very important if you have an ecommerce store. Ecommerce marketing, if not done the right way, can lead to complications because there are just so many different things that you can do. The increasing competition makes it necessary that you use advanced or latest tactics to stand out from your competitors. In today’s article, I have compiled some effective PPC tactics for your e-commerce website.

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Effective PPC tactics for your e-commerce Website

PPC e-commerce website

Here are some effective PPC tactics for your e-commerce website

✅ Greet your customer

Send your prospects a nice package with a handwritten greeting note. It may have a coupon in it for a future purchase. It may also have a referral card that they can give to their friends. This will give a nice experience to your customers. This will give them a good sense of feeling towards your brand which makes them come back to you.

If you sell your products online on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, you send those products with a nice package, a coupon. All of this make the customer come back to you for future purchases. This will increase your profitability and also increases revenue and get your brand on the track on your website, which is what you want to do.  

✅ Optimize your product pages

You should focus on optimizing your product pages as it helps in SEO. Write an attractive and good product line. Don’t forget to add keywords in the title tag that people are searching online. Find out relevant keywords to your products and include them in your descriptions. Write original, unique, and relevant descriptions of your products. If you are not sure or comfortable with SEO work, you can hire Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai for professional and reliable SEO services.

✅ Update your product page

Your product page should not look outdated or old. Your website is working non-stop seven days a week, through weekends and holidays. So people want your perfect sales pitch when they visit it, so you should put some time as well as efforts in it. High-quality photography is one way of optimizing your product pages. Use high-quality, high-resolution images of your products.

They should be clean, clear, and well-optimized. You can also add product videos, it will increase the chances of sales and it also adds value. You must focus on and highlight the Main benefits of shopping with you like fast shipping, fast delivery, and cash on delivery, free shipping and more. Besides that, adding a review section will really help your customers. People tend to buy products after seeing the reviews of previous customers. If they find the reviews positive and helpful, they are more likely to buy that product.

✅ Optimize your product feed

Using the Google Merchant Center, you can optimize your product feed. You can use it to run Google shopping ads. You should make sure that you are providing good information about your products to your users like product description, titles, keywords so that when people are searching on Google shopping for that particular product, your site shows up.

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✅ Use a good shopping cart

There are mainly three types of shopping carts if you don’t have one. They are Shopify, woo commerce, and big commerce. These three carts are best for SEO, design, and paid search as well. It has everything to grow your business. It has a support team to help you out whenever an issue arises. So, you should check out these carts if you don’t have one.

✅ Run PPC ads on social media

Social media is the best place to promote your products and services. You should start running PPC ads on Facebook and Instagram to put your product in front of the target audience. You can use custom audiences, lookalike audience, life events targeting, and other such tactics. Here is How to build an effective PPC campaign strategy?

✅ Run Google shopping ads

Now a days, people simply go on Google and search whatever products they are looking for. Then, they go onto the shopping tab on Google to see the results for the products which they searched for. Those products appearing on Google shopping tab are nothing but ads. They are all ads. So, you have to start running Google ads in order to get a place in the shopping tab.

So, you should invest in running ads. You have to optimize your product ads based on results. By using an e-commerce tracking set up, you can find out the revenue generated from each product, ROI-per product, and on your product ads. Turn off the ads that are not doing well, and run more ads that are doing well.

Wrapping it up

These were some of the PPC tactics that you must use for your e-commerce business. By utilizing them properly, you can get a boost in the traffic of your website. More traffic will go to your website, increasing lead generation, and eventually, increasing conversions.

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