If you think you can draw the maximum traffic on your website just by producing good content then you are so wrong. This is because without promotion of your content how your audience will find you. Content marketing is famous for attracting audience; it costs less than other forms of marketing and also generates more effective leads. Right now we are witnessing a huge transformation in the Digital Marketing landscape. Hence, it becomes very important for brands to re-check and re-evaluate their content marketing strategy. Now, the regular strategies of content marketing are not enough, we have to move to the advanced strategies of content promotion. In today’s article, I am going to talk about some advanced strategies which you can use for content promotion.

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Advanced strategies for content promotion

strategies for content promotion

Stay up-to date with existing posts

Existing contents which are routinely refreshed into new configurations are 74% bound to get positive outcomes. Repurposing your content creates another point of view into past works, makes your image seriously intriguing.

Furthermore, you got some great data on what individuals previously enjoyed, as opposed to begin without any preparation and think of a totally different set of thoughts. For considerably more prominent advantage, set aside the effort to change old content into 10X more content, giving a more profound look with infographic, videos,  e-books, blog entries, research, or different strategies.

This is called evergreen content, and every organizations can exploit this to make their content significant for a more extended time frame. You should put a methodology to choose and revive your content sometimes:

  • Add a month to month survey date on your schedule to glance through old posts for the refresh or renew opportunities.
  • Subscribe for news in your industry and rapidly adjust the patterns to your more seasoned content.
  • While making content, make note if you see a chance to expand further later on.

Content sharing communities

Not every individual can find your content through website. Hence, you need to spread the word about your content through various platforms. One such platform is Content sharing communities. Here, like-minded people come together and share their knowledge on topics related to their industry. This platform gives you a bigger reach to the audience. These are outlets for amplifying your voice.

Some popular content sharing communities are Reddit, Hub Pages, Growth Hackers, and Quora etc. These platforms give you a good opportunity to promote your content. Some sites are free, some are paid. But you have to select the platform where your audience is more active. Your content will be perceived as a valuable contribution, not self-promotion.

User-generated content

Social media is the place where you can find the maximum user-generated content. User-generated content is the content which your user’s or audience shares about your products or services. It is commonly seen on social media platforms. It is a fact that now we cannot rely on the older methods of content promotion. Paid tactics and organic tactics are the things of the past now. Today you can use your customers to share your content for you. By allowing the customers to share their experience and feedback regarding your product, you can enhance the effectiveness of content promotion.

You can follow the following steps

  • Ask your customers politely to share their feedback and experience with your services on their social media channels and mention your brand name in it.
  • You can have a reward for the best content, most liked, most shared etc. with a coupon, special discount etc.
  • You can use social tools to identify and analyze the content along with identifying the most engaged and influential users.
  • With their permission, share their post on your social media channel, it increases your credibility and authenticity.

Try new promotion opportunities

This is the time to try new promotion opportunities because the competition has gotten so tough now, you cannot rely on the older methods. By creating high-quality and relevant content you can bring new opportunities for your content promotion. If you can put out quality content you can get introduced on top-tier websites, participate in conferences in your industry, get invitations to appear on podcasts, join webinars and more. This will work as an indirect content promotion, but it can only happen when create quality content with a clear objective. It will help to improve your brand awareness as well.

Adopt Video Marketing

Visual content is popular these days. People like to prefer video content over plain text content. This is because it saves their time, it has high engagement rate, and it is more appealing and attractive. Video marketing has grown so much in the recent few years. Brands are using video content for promotion of their products and services. YouTube and Facebook Video streaming has become a crucial part of marketing strategy of business’ these days. Impressive and informative videos likely to generate more traffic and enhance overall brand image and awareness.

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Collaborate with influencers

This is fairly a new domain that we are witnessing growing at a faster rate. Social media influencers who have a substantial amount of followers are great to collaborate with in order to promote content. Influencers have a wider reach to the audience. In order to collaborate with an influencer, first you have to look for the best one according to your industry.

For instance, if you sell fitness equipment then you should look for a health and fitness influencer or if you sell makeup products then you should look for beauty influencer. You will work together with these social media influencers to share quality content about your product and services. You can reach out to influencers related to your industry and ask them to share and link to your content in their posts. Their followers will start noticing your content too which will improve your brand presence and brand awareness.

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Wrapping it up

Your content promotion strategies should not stay still at just one place, it should be dynamic. This is because as the marketing domain is changing constantly, so you have to adapt to such changes. It is very important to reinvent your brand, your content and your marketing strategy; even big brands do that once in a while. Hence, by applying the above mentioned advanced strategies for content promotion, you can grow your business.

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