If you are running an e-commerce business then you must be having a WordPress website, right? And if you have a WordPress website then you must know the importance of a landing page. Landing pages are really important for the growth of your online business. You can save your efforts of making a great landing page by following some ways which I will talk about in this article.

Let’s dig right into it

Landing pages are essential for you to excel in the internet driven world. You need to create effective landing pages if you want to attract lots of traffic, leads, sales and conversions. WordPress has a lot of options and themes to create one of the best landing pages that attract people to the maximum extent.

First off, let’s see what are landing pages?

What is landing pages?

Landing Page in WordPress

Landing page is a webpage that is made or designed to grab people’s attention and details about them like their email address, contact information etc. They are made to drive traffic to an important page of your website. The number of leads you get is directly proportional to number of landing pages. The more landing pages you have, the more leads you are likely to generate. If you are running an e-commerce business it will be easy for you to redirect traffic to your site.

Components of an effective landing page

Landing page must be attractive enough to grab the attention of the visitors. So, what are some elements of a landing page that makes it effective and attractive?

  • Simple looking landing page with no header and menu enhances the conversions
  • High-quality images and videos to enhance conversions
  • Clean and uncluttered white space is better
  • It should be specific in what it is offering to the customers so that they don’t get confused. Specificity is the key to a great landing page.

Ways to Create a Landing Page in WordPress

WordPress offers you various themes and plugins to make a landing Page successful for your website. You can grow your business quickly by creating a great landing page. So, how to create a successful landing page?

Here I have compiled some simple ways to create a successful Landing Page in WordPress.

Use WordPress themes

You can find various themes in WordPress specially designed to make great landing pages. This includes features like local scrolling, eye-catching sliders, and feature boxes. All of them will help you to easily create an attractive landing page. This is one of the best ways to create an effective landing page.

Use Page templates

Many commercial WordPress themes houses a host of page templates that make your landing pages more attractive. If you are making a landing page for a specific domain or a dedicated domain this method is ideal. You can follow the steps mentioned below to create a perfect landing page

  • Edit header.php first.
  • Create a blank page and name it to front page.php
  • After that, add content to the landing page.

Use plugins and online tools

This can be regarded as one of the easiest ways to create landing page for your website. There are myriad of plugins of premium quality specially oriented to make top notch landing pages. Some plugins let you add more customization and additional features to the landing pages. Therefore, plugins can prove to be a good option if you are looking for easy ways to create a landing page for your website.

Wrapping it up

Landing pages are crucial and you cannot overlook them. These were some of the most effective ways to create a top notch landing page for your website. You can follow these ways to build a great landing page which will enhance your website’s traffic, generate more leads, increase sales and conversions. So, if you still do not have a landing page, this is the right time to create one.

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