If you are searching for top notch social bookmarking websites in UK, then this article is the one-stop solution for you. In this article, I have compiled some top notch social bookmarking websites in UK that will help you in promoting your web page perfectly without affecting its position in the search engine. These bookmarking websites in UK are best because they help to draw traffic to your website and to increase the popularity.

Regardless of the age of your blog, these social bookmarking sites in UK will help you get backlinks that will help you in improving your site’s ranking in the SERPs. This is the best method to get to your audience and promote your content as well. Before going into the bookmarking sites, let’s take a look at some benefits of social bookmarking sites.

Benefits of social bookmarking websites

Social Bookmarking Websites in UK

Here are listed some benefits of social bookmarking websites that can help you in promoting your content online. This will be very helpful for your web page to gain good image and reputation. Here are some benefits of social bookmarking websites in UK mentioned below:

  • You can get good traffic by placing your link on these bookmarking websites.
  • This gets you free backlinks which makes it a cost effective tactic.
  • It really helps in improving the search engine optimization for your post.
  • Two best things about social bookmarking are web reputation and good ranking in the SERPs as it provides good backlinks.
  • Social bookmarking helps in improving SEO which helps your site get better ranking on Google search results.
  • As a result of all the above factors the indexing of your site will get faster.

Top notch social bookmarking websites in UK

Here are some top notch social bookmarking websites in UK which will provide you good traffic.

Let’s take a look at them

Google UK bookmarks

This is the best bookmarking site providing services for access and to store website links. Google launched this Google bookmark in 2005 as a service for the registration of Google account users. The main benefit of Google bookmark is to secure bookmark access from any computer through Google’s Chrome browser. Additionally, it includes more common and cross platform features than any other browser.

Yahoo UK bookmarks

This allows you to store bookmarks on Yahoo and can be access anywhere with the internet connection. You have to register with the Yahoo account in order to use the Yahoo bookmarks. Yahoo can store bookmarks on your behalf. Also, Yahoo does not access your bookmarks for any marketing purposes. You can easily access your bookmarks through Yahoo toolbar. Not sure how to launch social media marketing campaign? Digital Marketing Agency in Leeds will help you out.


Delicious is a very beneficial bookmarking site in UK. It is more than just a simple place for internet users to store their websites on one account. This can be regarded as the best platform to promote your blog or web page. People share your stories, links, videos and other stuff on this platform. This site can get your content viral instantly.


This is another popular social bookmarking site in UK. In this social bookmarking site, you have to create a profile, add a photo, links of your website, RSS to your blog, and links to your social networking platforms. You can also share your story here and other member of BizSugar can comment on it.


Diggo is a famous social bookmarking website in UK. This website assists in organizing notes for research. There are couple of benefits that Diggo provides to its users who want to take their online presence to advanced level. It is very useful in getting traffic to your site or web page. You can consider Diggo if you are looking for the best bookmarking site.

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PinBoard is a social bookmarking website in UK. This social bookmarking site has a plan design and also has a special focus on personal management of bookmark using tags to organize them. It is very much similar to its previous version Delicious social bookmarking services. This site is very useful as you can add your content on this site and then people can read your content. If they find your content useful then further they can share your content as well.

Wrapping it up

These were some social bookmarking websites in UK that you can use to drive traffic to your site or to generate backlinks. If you are looking for some popular social bookmarking websites in UK, then you can consider these above mentioned websites.

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